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Title: Sparta Ecosystem
Post by: SpartaICO on November 29, 2017, 01:21:53 am
You can Join Sparta Ecosystem in several different ways:

1. Via Sparta Supporters Program: Something similar to the various bounty programs, but in this program you do not have to do any reporting, we monitor your activity and send you tokens for your support. (tokens sent every 30-60 days, qtty between 10 and 100)
Join :

2. Via Jnr. Spartans School: You join a team where you actively interact with one another, through social media. (tokens sent every 30 days, qtty between 30 and 200)
Join :

3. Via Spartans Ambassadors Program: This program is reserved for the most dedicated members of this forum, and for those ready to put a lot of dedication into specific tasks. (tokens sent every 30 days from task start date, qtty between 600 and 1000)
Join :

4. Developers & Influencers: Please email us through the site: