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Author Topic: [ANN] Hacash (CPU Mineable Coin) : World's first Proof-of-Work NFT  (Read 50 times)


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Hacash: A Crypto Currency System for Large-scale Payments and Real-time Settlement

Hacash (CPU Mineable Coin) : World's first Proof-of-Work NFT

Hacash Website: https://
Hacash WhitePaper:https://

A fully designed, completely fair, open and shared standard system for the issuance and circulation of cryptocurrency for modern financial transaction settlement, business and personal payment will jointly promote mankind to enter the era of open finance in this century, and help complete the transformation of human currency to cryptocurrency.

Hacash's "Monetary Nature" is reflected in:
1. The most fair and market-oriented currency issuance mechanism;
2. Three different energy levels and heterogeneous commodity currencies: Diamond, BTC(transferred), HAC;
3. Channel chain settlement Real-time settlement of large-scale payments through the network;
4. Rich and risk-free conditional payment agreements and multi-party signing contracts to adapt to modern commercial payment circulation;
5. Optional features such as privacy protection, anti-calculation power attacks, and flexible third-party financial services.

Hacash Diamond Update

The highest HACD bidding price was 981 HAC , Diamond name : HIVETK , block height 163360.


September 11, 2020: An article about Hacash: https://

Oct 6, 2020: Changed "A new only CPU mineable coin - Hacash (HAC)" to "A new CPU mineable coin - Hacash (HAC)" ,due to "only" is for current situation and not for the future.

Oct 7, 2020: HACD Mining Tutorial: https:// ; "over 100 active miners" becomes "over 200 active miners".

Oct19, 2020: The first Hacash Discord group: https:// created by https://

Nov11, 2020: 6 $HACD and 5 $HAC (Provide by member Trevor) go to Biden bettors in Hacashpool community(https://

Nov17, 2020: 10 $HAC (Provide by member 2021) go to reward whoever said BTC at 17K first in https://

Nov17, 2020: Changed "A new CPU mineable coin - Hacash (HAC)" to "A new CPU mineable coin - Hacash (HAC+HACD)". IMO HACD is the best value storage money in the world so far.

Nov19, 2020: Just find out a big thing in Hacash: Hacash Diamond (HACD) is the world first PoW based NFT. Changed "A new CPU mineable coin - Hacash (HAC+HACD) " to "Mining the world's first PoW-based NFT by CPU".

Nov25, 2020: Based on the common questions asked, I make hacash link related summaries.

Dec 5, 2020: APPROX TIME LEFT FOR HACASH 2 REWARDS PER: http:// made by Asher.

Dec 14, 2020: Desktop Wallet released in http:// by Jojoin.

Dec 18, 2020: HacashTalk released by Vaibhav https://

Dec 26, 2020: Hacash reward doubled. 2 HAC per block

Dec 30, 2020: HacashTalk creator Vaibhav joined Hacash Github (https://

Feb 26, 2021: Vindax lists Hacash (First Exchange to List Hacash)

March 04, 2021: Hacash is listed in CoinGecko

Coming Soon: Second Exchange Listing


Hacash related link summaries:

HacashPool: https://
HAC Miner setup: http://
HacashPool telegram community: https://
Hacash Diamond (HACD) Mining Tutorial: https:/ /

Hacash website: https://
Hacash white paper: https:// (My friend is helping the translation from Chinese to English, but you can use google translate to read it.)
Hacash Github: https://

My first article about Hacash: https://
My twitter: https://

HAC-EHAC(1:1) swaps in Twitter: https://
eHAC contract:https://
eHAC-ETH pair price: https://

any many more coming soon!

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