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Author Topic: Mass adoption of blockchain tech is possible, and education is the key  (Read 127 times)


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Mainstream adoption of emerging technologies such as blockchain is inevitable, a transformation that younger generations will carry out.
Blockchain technology is one of the most promising technologies of our times, and the core concept of it is really simple. Essentially, it is a public ledger or database, and I think that public education about what blockchain actually is can be the key to its mass adoption.

Lack of knowledge and perception from the general public of the differences between blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are the major hurdles of mainstream adoption. Hollywood and the mass media still portray the industry as having a deep criminal element, associating it with the shady past of Silk Road and the darknet.
Source: Cointelegraph
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In as much as mass education will fo well in propelling the adoption rate of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, i strongly believe that this can only be effective if the people are encouraged to go on a deliberate research about the technology. Personally i believe that deliberate research will do well is shaping mass adoption of the technology in a more informed manner.
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