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Me as judge it is clear. There is the same BSC address in both posts. So for me ustcoin and hasyurt are the same person.

This case is closed?

If yes, you can close the thread and give the punishment and karma +

Example :
+ add to label duplicate  and  Warning Possible Cheater
+ make Karma -10   
+ We also consider that they can't allowed use their signature (blocked their signature column)
+ (user name) get + 50 karma, thanks for his/her Investigation
XRP - Ripple Forum / Re: Are you ready to invest in XRP for the future?
« Last post by elbans89 on Today at 02:23:17 PM »

really?  just because Ripple win over SEC last year and so you  believe in its potential but what about when there are no case filed yet that you are not paying attention to this coiN?
when the price reached the All Time High  you did not even liked this coin? sorry because that is what sounds when you bring your post here .

But like what most answer , getting into 100k sounds impossible for me , imagine the Highest price reached is 3 dollars and now getting into 3 digits? sorry but I believe this will not happen.

me too, i think once XRP wins their issue with SEC, ripple will recover their progress. I don't believe this coin will touch $100, That's not possible. I am not disparaging ripple, but currently I recommend buying other coins like Ethereum, Solana, LINK, Maytic and also BNB.
Вот и admin подтвердил, что у KryptoKedi ничего не отбирали. Просто добавление кармы за пожертвование ввели только что, а обратной силы нововведения не имеют. Однако, в связи с тем, что Монархов пока что было всего двое, то в виде исключения и для KryptoKedi было решено увеличить его количество +кармы. Так что он тоже не останется обделённым. ;)

To respond to the previous question, the +karma element for donations was introduced recently,
It is not retroactive.
However, given that the monarch title was held by only 2, exceptionally i added the karma to kryptokedi

As for KYC, it failed, I am sorry.
Match: 8
Islamabad United vs Quetta Gladiators
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Team win: Islamabad United
Best Batsmen: Alex Hales
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Bitcoin Forum / Re: Is Bitcoin legal?
« Last post by elbans89 on Today at 02:18:36 PM »
In many countries bitcoin is not legal and this is more countries, where it is allowed, still if you use it for example as a trader and do not pay taxes, it is also not legal, if you just hold bitcoin in the country where it is allowed, when you sell it you will have to prove where you got the money to buy it and when you bought it and only then you can pay taxes on it and legally withdraw the money.

It would be better if the government should legalize bitcoin because they can get taxes from their transactions. because bitcoin has become increasingly popular even though it is banned in a country, I am sure its citizens will still invest in bitcoin. because bitcoin is very profitable for investment
Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling a game of chance and luck or what?
« Last post by gunhell16 on Today at 02:18:10 PM »
We all know that most of us have different strategies, skills, beliefs, styles and tips to atleast try to trick the system even though it has little to no possibilities but yeah whether it is working or not it doesn't matter in most gambler. So my questions here is this, though there is nothing right or wrong between answers here because this is based on our personal preferrences, decisions and culture, I just want you to share your experiences here. Do you use one of these for you to take an advantage of the game or you still believe that it is a game of chance and luck? What do you think?

First of all, when I play gambling in slot games, I don't use that strategy anymore. Can it be considered a strategy that you just bet and then the games will roll when the second time is over? Because this is the only thing I always play at the casino here at Crypto gambling, dude.

So, of course, while I'm gambling, I don't see anything in what I'm doing that I'm doing with strategy because winning in gambling is just luck. Although there wasn't a day that I gambled without winning, just a small amount and still losing in the end.
Cryptocurrency Trading / Re: Fear or greed
« Last post by LUCKMCFLY on Today at 02:17:38 PM »
Greed seems more dangerous, but fear makes us miss opportunities. I think fear hurts us more. I mean, someone who was greedy 10 years ago has made good money today thanks to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, but someone who was feared 10 years ago will continue to be fear today. I think it is not right to be in fear in a market that is open to development. Of course, we all want to buy at the best price, but we shouldn't give space to fear...

I will always remember your opinion Greed seems more dangerous, but fear makes us miss opportunities. You are right that if we are greedy we will also lose the opportunity to make a profit because we have a target but want more, and fear makes us not dare to take that opportunity.
We also often see greedy people in the crypto world, it's human. Likewise, the fear of taking the risk of buying when the price is low, when you realize that the price has soared high. It also takes time to gain experience.

I also believe that everything is based on experience, no other, we as people who all the time are going to see things from another point of view, both greed and fear are going to stop us on our path, it's just that For me, fear goes a little further, because fear makes us stop good opportunities not only in the market but in life in general, so to learn much more if experience is necessary for one as a person to Analyze and I know that sometimes you have to take a little more risk and this can make a difference at any time, it is expensive for us as people who must take care of our money, which is not the case when we are earning a lot of money because we want to multiply it by 10 because it falls into what we call something extreme.

But when we are in the crypto market, we do have to get an idea that things are possible, the scenarios that we sometimes imagine are possible, that they can happen, that is why Experience makes the difference.
Traders need to share their views. As they say: truth is born in dispute. The more traders discuss a particular issue on cryptocurrencies or other market issues, the greater the chance to come to the truth together and make money. Especially when the discussion is conducted by fairly experienced traders.
Professional traders will probably only provide small information that many people are welcome to know because I am 100% sure that professional traders will not provide full and accurate information because it is a secret they have learned from learning and wasting a lot of money to find out how to do it. trade well and correctly to become a professional trader. So if they have provided only that information, then there is no need to force you to know the next step because experience is the best teacher.

You are right, experience is the best teacher. A professional trader will only share hints but will not explain the details of the next steps. He has lost a lot in the past to gain experience, knowledge and expertise.
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