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Bitcoin Forum / BTC Pumping After The Arrest of Sam
« on: December 14, 2022, 05:04:14 AM »
The big news in the cryptocurrency right now is the arrest of Sam Bankman Fried in the Bahamas upon the request of the USA government and soon he can be extradited and be facing the biggest legal challenge of his life due to the many abuses he did in FTX and Alameda Research. There is a big chance that he can be serving jail time...which can be good for all of us in the crypto industry sending the message that here we have to follow the law and not do anything stupid.

Good thing to see that Bitcoin is making some good pumps after his indication that many people are approving it and can be a good sign that trust and confidence on the King of Cryptos can now go back slowly. Let's hope that BTC can be ending the year with some might and not with some red waves.


I am not sure if this can be a good source of rejoicing for me but there is a big news that Sam Bankman Fried has finally been arrested in the Bahamas after the indictment for him in the USA and can soon be extradited to face many criminal charges related to his time in his own FTX empire. The hands of the law has been moving slowly in this case but nevertheless it is moving, anyway. I am looking forward that he will eventually be serving time and that important details of the FTX mismanagement and abuses can be exposed in the court.

Good luck to Sam...and his popular and expensive sure that his team will be making all they can to picture Sam to be the victim and not the perpetrator of many bad developments in FTX.


I have to be honest that right now I stopped buying new coins and tokens all because the risks involved can be so there is less chance that we can gain something out of what we are investing into most especially if one is talking long-term. As one who experienced the horrors of the ICO explosion in 2017 - 2018...I just learned that trust is so scare in this industry. We don't know the people behind a new project that much and we don't know if they are real or just pretending to be someone else.

But of course, there can be some rare exemptions when I am seeing that the project can be solid and has a good future ahead. So what are the new coins and tokens you invested with lately?

Bitcoin Forum / BTC showing some strength, will it hold on?
« on: December 05, 2022, 06:18:52 AM »

As of this moment that am writing this thread, Bitcoin is standing at more than $17K - to be specific now at $17,370. And this actually very good considering  that days ago it touched the low point of $15K. personally, this is making me sad because when BTC got into $16,300 I sold my little and experimental BTC at Binance for a gain of just $9...never expecting that from then on it would be moving to the $17K zone and staying there for some two or three days.

Now, the question is: Do you think BTC can be hold on to this level or will it then start to make a good upward moves towards more? Or will it be going south again?

Altcoins & Cryptocurrencies discussions / Will You Forgive Sam?
« on: November 28, 2022, 02:16:49 AM »

Well, am sure all of us are aware of the horrifying, shocking and game-changing details of the many frauds which Sam Bankman-Fried - in cooperation with his ex-gf Caroline Ellison - had done with FTX and this can surely go down in the crypto history as one of the most unforgettable experience which hopefully can be teaching us many lessons while being in this industry.

Now, just for curiosity's sake, with all of these details coming out - and I am sure there will be more unearth soon - can you be able to forgive Sam and give him another chance to rehabilitate his hammered name and reputation in this industry?

Bitcoin Forum / FTX Collapse: Setback for BTC Mainstream Adoption?
« on: November 22, 2022, 03:56:42 AM »
The whole cryptocurrency marketplace has been in a great shock when the FTX collapse started to unreel before our own very eyes. What was once hailed as a hero is now considered to be a great villain as Sam Bankman Fried apparently used funds of FTX customers to do risky trading in Alameda together with Caroline Ellison - his ex-girlfriend. Now, the contagion is fast affecting many other platforms that got FTX exposure and we are watching closely if Genesis will be the next to fall in the domino of frauds and scams.

I am thinking that with the year 2022 going down to be the year of collapse of many different crypto-based platforms, this will surely be affecting the trust and confidence of the people towards the whole industry and will push down further the mainstream adoption of Bitcoin.



I am watching the many new developments in the case of FTX-Alameda collapse and I must say that details coming into the light are all so bad and ugly - to say the least - and right now we are seeing the contagion effect affecting many platforms including Genesis which is getting to be another candidate to collapse.

There should be an outrage of anger from the people victimized by FTX - those who believe that Sam Bankman Fried was a hero, a savior but who turned out to be just another low-level scumbag.

Surely 2022 will go on to be a very historic year for cryptocurrency and will be know as the YEAR OF COLLAPSE in the industry.

So what are the many big things we are learning here? One, don't trust anybody and always remember: not your keys not your crypto.

Altcoins & Cryptocurrencies discussions / An Era of Sorrow for Crypto
« on: November 11, 2022, 03:54:29 AM »

The year 2022 will surely be known in its history to the year of sorrow as we have witnesses the collapse of many well-known platforms that were then serving a lot of people somehow involved with cryptocurrency. Three of these are: Celcius, BlockFi, Tera and FTX.

What happened can be staggering loss for many big and small investors, traders and holders. So what caused this tragedies to come upon an industry we trusted and even touted to be the savior of our money, finance and banking.

Two words: GREED and just plain STUPID MANAGEMENT!


Maybe around two days, I happened to see FTT price at around $22 in CMC...and now it is just $2.74 with bigger chance that it can continue to plummet as more and more holders scrambled to get some value out of this disaster. Sadly, this FTX story pushed the whole crypto industry to another bear trap with Bitcoin now floating in the $1600 level and Ethereum at $1100 zone.

There seems to be a big panic in crypto and all of us can be asking the question: What really happened and what are the things we can expect in the next few days and months ahead as 2022 is closing its remaining days and 2023 is about to enter into the scene.

Ethereum Forum / ETH and BTC Decoupling...When?
« on: November 10, 2022, 02:53:21 AM »

I just look at the BIG RED waves now affecting the whole crypto currency mostly as the aftermath of the FTX-CZ debacle...if I am allowed to say it that way. Now, one thing for sure is that Ethereum is really following the lead of Bitcoin...where BTC goes most likely that is also where ETH is just curious do you think there can be a time when the two can be completely decouple or is this already a chained destiny?

News related to Cryptos / Solana-based Mango Hacked for $100 million
« on: October 12, 2022, 08:40:13 AM »

Another bad news for the crypto industry...another hack to the tune of $100 million. Does it mean that we should now start to accept that hackings will always be here? That would be a sad thing to think about, actually.



There can be a big money that can be made by new altcoin projects especially if they can be able to capture the financial support of a number of people...

Some of these projects getting in millions of dollars into their pockets...but sadly many of them are just me-too projects with nothing new to offer but just here to grab a piece of the available market and then just let the project sail into the unknown...or worse there can be a rug pull much to the dismay of small investors who can end up holding something that has no value at all.

This is a sad predicament of the crypto industry though there can also be some exemptional ones who will fulfill what they promised.

Now, what are the possible criteria you are following in evaluating new projects?


I am sure it would be safe to say that money laundering is going to be a big problem that will tend to be increasing in volume and never to soon be diminishing...especially that launderers now have new, better tool they use under their own palms. Bad actors are always ahead in adoption of new technologies in the pursuit of their business...and in many times there is nothing the authorities can do a lot aside from trying to follow them and doing all they can to catch the criminals.

This article explain it all:

Surely, the criminals are taking advantage of the availability of DEXs as these platforms are more open to anyone coming from anywhere in the globe...with less strict KYC and even many of them no implementing any.

What do you think can be solutions to the ever increasing money laundering use of the technologies we in the world of cryptocurrency are touting to be the backbone of of the new economy?


Currently, I am slowing down my exposure with altcoins and decided to just concentrate on at least five digital assets including the Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Avax and KLV. All other altcoins most especially those that fall below the $100 in value are all gone to the market. I am not sure what can happen with cryptocurrency next year so I am preparing for the worst and yet still expecting the best. So how is your altcoin exposure...still got many altcoins in your wallets waiting for them to make that big boom?


I am asking all good members of this forum to please never reply to clearly spam posts which are usually promoting any project in the wrong sections of the forum...replying to them can make the job of moderators harder.

I am sure that everybody here already know how to ascertain what a spam post is...don't just make a reply to any post make sure that you are reading at a good one before you do your thing.

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