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Forum related / Re: Bounty hunters and managers
« on: January 24, 2023, 06:04:47 AM »
I an still a bounty hunter though not as very active as before due to many bad projects/scams proliferating everywhere. Now, I am interested to be of help in any way I can to make things better in this forum...for the benefits of all good and hardworking bounty hunters like me. Thanks.


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I would say that buying Pi from exchanges can be a very risky business all because we don't know what the price of Pi once it would be traded. Right now, nobody can sell Pi at those exchanges where you can buy it is a very one-sided thing so its expensive price does not reflect the whole thing.


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I am actually expecting this...soon there will be other personalities that will also be charged in connection with the FTX collapse. After the arrest of Sam Bankman-Fried in Bahamas, I think Caroline Ellison should be also be served her own warrant and am sure that Harry Potter will not be there for her own fact Harry would be laughing at her from afar. Now, things can get really interesting with this development so for anyone that worked under Sam and Caroline it is time to talk so that they can be spared or be allowed to be witnesses for some possible plea bargaining on the table.


Of course, people of Alameda did try everything they could to salvage anything of value so they can then hide somewhere else with some comfort and even continue their good lifestyle. Now, am sure this guy must have been connected with Caroline Ellison. I am hoping that this Harry Potter looking lady will also be brought to justice for the things she did in Alameda Research. Sam and Caroline should be imprisoned together for at least 15 years so they can realize the magnitude of the crimes they did.


In the current market, most especially with the increasing popularity of online shopping and transactions, many business firms can now see the future of digital money so they are familiarizing with the options available to them and starting to wade into the water, so to speak, However, since we are still in the early stage of the cryptocurrency industry, there is no guarantee that a business can get a good business volume using digital wallets...and this is actually a big complain of the many and why there are those who are not active in promoting this as a viable payment option. And the biggest reason is that many people are getting into crypto all because of speculations and with no incentive for them to be using crypto to buy something they are just keeping their hoards for possible increase of value.


As I am always risk averse, I never encountered something like what you described here. I guess getting into that means that you must be trusting the people behind it and be ready that at the end you might not get anything just in case the project will not really materialized or take off. I am sure this is not something we can recommend to anybody as this involve some guts on your part. Anyway, am wishing that that project can be good months from now and you can see some profits out of your involvement.

Bitcoin Forum / BTC Pumping After The Arrest of Sam
« on: December 14, 2022, 05:04:14 AM »
The big news in the cryptocurrency right now is the arrest of Sam Bankman Fried in the Bahamas upon the request of the USA government and soon he can be extradited and be facing the biggest legal challenge of his life due to the many abuses he did in FTX and Alameda Research. There is a big chance that he can be serving jail time...which can be good for all of us in the crypto industry sending the message that here we have to follow the law and not do anything stupid.

Good thing to see that Bitcoin is making some good pumps after his indication that many people are approving it and can be a good sign that trust and confidence on the King of Cryptos can now go back slowly. Let's hope that BTC can be ending the year with some might and not with some red waves.


A BIG yes! The year of 2022 will be considered as the year when many big platforms and big names in the cryptocurrency industry collapsed for various know reasons...starting with LUNA and then FTX with its contagion effect in many other connected organizations. Corruption, mismanagement and abuse are the three important themes that enveloped these sad stories. I am sure that Sam Bankman Fried will stand trial for what he did and will be serving time to let him realize that this is not a game that he can just play like a child. I am sure more pertinent details of FTX will come to view in light of the trial but for now we should be dealing with the fallout...good thing to see Bitcoin seems to be not affected that much and is even on a pump after the arrest of Sam.

Something is not at all clear. First, McGlone says that the crypto winter is over. Then he says that there is more to come. In fact, I think that the rise of the cryptocurrency market is ahead and we will see an uptrend in the month of January, February, March.

Yes, I think that is something that is not so clear in the reporting. Maybe the man is saying that we can entering the last stage of the crypto winter but it can be taking some time before we can again experience the so-called bull run. So maybe in the first months of 2023, we can be into a doldrum - a very boring phase in the crypto market where not much volatile movements can be seen. Now, this is just a pure speculation on my part since I do not have any means to see the specific future so I can only guess.


I am not sure if this can be a good source of rejoicing for me but there is a big news that Sam Bankman Fried has finally been arrested in the Bahamas after the indictment for him in the USA and can soon be extradited to face many criminal charges related to his time in his own FTX empire. The hands of the law has been moving slowly in this case but nevertheless it is moving, anyway. I am looking forward that he will eventually be serving time and that important details of the FTX mismanagement and abuses can be exposed in the court.

Good luck to Sam...and his popular and expensive sure that his team will be making all they can to picture Sam to be the victim and not the perpetrator of many bad developments in FTX.


I am looking forward for the final outcome of the case lodged against XRP by SEC. Once there will be final resolution favorable to XRP, there would be a huge impetus for its price to rise, otherwise it would be crippling to it. Now, there are now some positive opinions coming for XRP meaning that there is a big likelihood of it getting the upper hand in the case. Certainly, XRP is now showing its strength despite the many negative things happening in the overall crypto market...and this can mean that XRP has innate power of its own worthy to watch.

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