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The value of Ethereum will increase in value and maybe the value of Ethereum will reach a 4 digit number in USD and that is likely what will happen in this cryptocurrency space.
I also believe and feel that Ethereum should be adopted more mass by all because Ethereum technology already represents everything from altcoins.
The level of intelligence of Vitalik Butterin is also very perfect because he has created Ethereum with his patience and made Ethereum known throughout the world to this day.

Ethereum Forum / Re: Eth and Lunc! Who will win?
« on: October 16, 2022, 04:05:10 AM »
If I support LUNC then it's the same thing as we support the tragedy of dumping LUNA from hundreds of USD dumps to 0.00000001 . lol
I don't want to know anymore that a coin like LUNC exists in my neighborhood because I find it so terrible to be a LUNC hodler.
I'd rather have 1 Ethereum than tens of thousands of LUNCs because Ethereum clearly has a super advanced and strong advantage that has been tested since its creation.

Baby Doge may be a coin that will later become a unique choice like the DOGE price in 2017 back.
Because DOGE in 2017 was very low in value and so very cheap and many people put DOGE coins aside.
At this time Baby Doge will be a special replacement for DOGE coins and has a uniqueness such as its support for EVM, Founder Anonymous and has a lot of communities around the world.

Dogecoin Forum / Re: What makes us believe in DOGE coin ??
« on: October 15, 2022, 07:38:22 PM »
I believe in DOGE coin because the transaction fee is cheap, if DOGE coin is still around the price of 0.5 USD.
Because usually the centralized exchange provides a fee withdrawal rule of around 1 DOGE and that means around 0.5 USD.
It can also be used for arbitration and it is really very simple, fast and safe. That's also the advantage of arbitration using DOGE, where all centralized exchanges always trade DOGE pairs.

BNB has a very good value and is very complex to be adopted by all which makes this BNB worth investing in by everyone in the cryptocurrency space.
I am also sure that BNB has the number 1 exchange in the cryptocurrency market so that it will make everything easy to trade on various exchanges because it is supported by the number 1 exchange.
Until this moment, the advantages possessed by the Binance token can be used for the Ethereum Virtual Machine version which is very easy and simple to use in various wallets with the same wallet address.

Binance Smart Chain + Ecosystem / Re: How Binance helps Ukraine
« on: October 14, 2022, 10:20:51 AM »
Changpeng Zhao besides having a lot of money from Binance, Changpeng Zhao also has wealth from his heart, so he donated the huge profits from Binance to Ukraine.
This is a war problem that must be overcome so that it does not happen again as it was over because now is the modern and digital era, where all countries know very well their geographic location.
Besides being the best exchange and being the number 1 exchange, Binance is also an exchange that is very generous in helping others to all elements of society, including in Ukraine.

I am also still confused about this service from Russia because I feel that Binance is very unfair, cryptocurrency should be more open to those who have registered and verified KYC.
But this also cannot be blamed on Binance because the Russian state is also being constrained by the war invasion of Ukraine which makes all countries in the world hate Russia.
Don't let World War III happen again because of the effects of Russia-Ukraine because it will only give a bad value for the social, economic and all, which is also included in the cryptocurrency business and this is really heartbreaking.

Bitcoin Forum / Re: Bitcoin and others currency's future
« on: October 13, 2022, 07:36:06 AM »
The level of complexity of Bitcoin in the future will be felt because the energy needed for mining requires a lot of power.
Maybe there will be many altcoins that will continue to accompany Bitcoin, making it easy to use that is simple, cheap, fast and safe.
Now there are also many altcoins that are easy to own but can't beat the marketcap of Bitcoin because Bitcoin is the main strength of Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Forum / Re: BITCOIN ATM
« on: October 13, 2022, 07:14:21 AM »
There is no need for an ATM for Bitcoin because cryptocurrency transactions are now very simple and fast.
The best example is a transaction using BinancePay which only takes a few seconds to send Bitcoin with BUSD conversion.
And for the transfer of funds from Bitcoin, it's the same, we use BinancePay to transfer funds of 1 Bitcoin, 20,000 BUSD is transferred to Binancepay and after arriving at another Binance account we use it to buy Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Forum / Re: Can Bitcoin Keep Up The Energy?
« on: October 12, 2022, 09:00:27 AM »
The strongest energy right now is Bitcoin only circulating around 19,000 USD.
I'm still standing by here and continue to see the Bitcoin value going back and forth at 19,000.
I'm not too surprised by the value of Bitcoin like this because it's still normal and it's really great for when I can buy more Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Forum / Re: BTC VS Gold
« on: October 12, 2022, 08:29:45 AM »
Small Capital choose Bitcoin.
Big Capital choose Gold.

Poor people choose Bitcoin.
Rich people choose Gold.

Poor people definitely choose Bitcoin to look for simple, fast and easy profits.
When compared with Gold, it can be said that Gold is slow to rise and fall, this is just my assessment and this is really very good to discuss.

When there is a bearish occurrence, it is certain that everyone will also feel afraid, just like Elon Musk.
Elon Musk is also human and would have been afraid to enter or buy cryptocurrencies again and now tends to be silent.
I'm sure people will also feel scared and those who are still trading Bitcoin are those who really need the use of Bitcoin, such as mining, transactions or day trading.

I will be more grateful if this Bearish lasts longer and decreases in value. lol
Bearish markets want it to last longer or end easily, so I make sure everything will be easy and I'm ready to face it with Fiat.
I've prepared Fiat to buy more Bitcoins if this bear market gets long and I'm also ready to hodL for Bitcoins in case of a pump because I have very few Bitcoins.

Money laundering could have happened before the existence of cryptocurrencies and has happened a long time ago.
Now it has been digitized which is able to provide a simple, easy and safe value for money laundering.
As well as to launder money from Bitcoin you can use the Blender platform and for Ethereum you can use Tornado.
Avoiding money laundering in cryptocurrency is very difficult because DEX also now provides unique features such as Bridge, which can transfer the ERC20 network to Doge in just a few seconds.

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