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Author Topic: (GOLDEXPLUS) GPLUS Token To Launch IDO  (Read 216 times)

Burak Cankurtaran97

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« on: June 15, 2022, 08:04:59 PM »
GPLUS Token, which successfully completed the Special Seed Sale on June 04-11 with US$ 0.08, aims to launch an IDO. It has managed to attract attention with the GPLUS functionality it has developed under the GoldexPLUS ecosystem.

What is GPLUS?
The crypto unit (GPLUS) belonging to the GoldexPlus ecosystem was produced with the BEP20 protocol and its supply was determined as 1 billion. It is the cryptocurrency that will be needed in all future activities due to the GPLUS ecosystem. 55% of the token is community owned so GPLUS is functional and users can buy/sell with confidence during development. 45% of the main wallet will be divided into the attached denominators and used to increase the sustainability and recognition of the project.

Take advantage of GPLUS Deals

Users will be able to participate with GPLUS in activities that can generate passive income such as Stake, Farm, Pool, which will be held on the GoldexPLUS Ecosystem. In addition, GPLUS being the main unit of the IDO/IFO events to be organized will provide a great advantage to the users who follow IDO-IFO on the platform.

We Have Listed Other Curious GPLUS Opportunities As Items For You
1-) The main unit of the NFT Platform to be found in the GoldexPlus ecosystem is GPLUS.
2-) When sending crypto assets to different exchanges via Dapp, the commission paid as network fee will be made in GPLUS unit. Lower commission fees compared to ERC20 or other networks will make GPLUS user-friendly and marketable.
3-) Interim commission fees in the GoldexPlus ecosystem will be made with GPLUS.
4-) In GoldexPlus, you will be able to perform instant transfers for all networks using only GPLUS.

How Do I Get GPLUS Token?
Read our article to find out where and with which currencies you can buy GPLUS Token.

1-) In order to make the purchase, first log in to the platform.
• Register via the GoldexPLUS platform.

2-) Make your purchase by logging in through the GoldexPLUS platform where you created your registration.
• Log in to the platform with your e-mail address and password that you have registered before, by clicking the "LOGIN" button on the top right of the GoldexPLUS Main page.
• "Deposit Address" on the screen that comes up is your GoldexPLUS wallet address. Make your "BUSD" transfer via any platform you trade to this address
• Enter the Trade page by pressing the "Trade (Exchange)" button on the main screen after your transfer is completed in a short time.
• On the page that opens, choose "Select Coin – BUSD" and "Select Token – GPLUS", respectively, to select the amount you will buy.
• Complete your purchase by pressing the "SWAP" Button.

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« on: June 15, 2022, 08:04:59 PM »


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