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Bitcoin Forum / Re: Bitcoin Leading
« on: July 06, 2021, 07:56:47 AM »
For how long Bitcoin will lead the Crypto market?
For now, I would say as long as cryptocurrencies continue to exist. Bitcoin is the first crypto and has proven to be the force of the market and the cryptocurrency community has made it so, so until there is such a time the crypto community decided that there is another cryptocurrency that is more valuable in every aspect to Bitcoin and decides to adopt that over Bitcoin, then we might say Bitcoin has lost its dominance/lead because we do understand that it is the backing of Bitcoin by the people that makes it so powerful in the space.

The extensive use of cryptocurrency in the financial world has instigated banks and other financial institutions to adapt to the cryptocurrency market. Banks have initiated to embrace the functionalities of a cryptocurrency and are interested to integrate blockchain technology into their existing financial system. The decision is taken to attract potential investors who usually deal with other parties through millions of dollars of assets and money. These institutions have also started launching smart tokens and payments through cryptocurrency to increase funding in their digital wallets. Multiple reputed banks have started using cryptocurrency in these recent years and some are also making plans to get involved with blockchain technology. Analytics Insight provides a list of top banks interested in using cryptocurrency with blockchain technology. information
When we critically look at what cryptocurrencies are becoming these days, one could guess that this move by banks getting into cryptocurrency adoption is inevitable. We know they might see it as a contender initially but wh doesn't want to have a piece of what cryptocurrencies bring to the table? Now countries are adopting and some still working out the process of adopting it while mega Institutions have joined in and little wonder while the Banks are joining in too.

Bitcoin Forum / Re: Will Bitcoin replace Gold someday?
« on: July 04, 2021, 12:27:36 PM »
For bitcoin to replace gold as a store of value, it would need to increase in market capitalization by a factor of roughly more than 10 from current valuations... this will surely happen in another 4 years (one more crypto cycle) if not sooner. Bitcoin fundamentals remain the same as ever before and nothing stands in its way in terms of continuing the long-term growth trend. Dismiss all the FUD around, we have seen it time and time again.
I understand that people feels they are more into Bitcoin and will always try to portray things about Bitcoin that is really not necessary. What makes you think Bitcoin will replace Gold as a store of value? And even with a time line if just 4 years 😂🤣😂. Bitcoin is already a store of value for some that invest on it but we still see how fast it drops in price with a single tweet from some people and news from some other countries.
No doubt we will continue to see Bitcoin adoption grow but even people that invest in Bitcoin still diversify their investments and ther will always be people that will not not invest in Bitcoin at all. Facts.

I really don't think I will HODL one coin or Bitcoin for Ten years straight because that period of time might be two or more BULL run circles. I believe I would rather sell at every ATH in between those ten years and buy back to increase my bag of Bitcoin.  ;)

If you want to sell your coins at a bigger price, you must be brave to hold them. Although you really want to sell your coins, just sell some of them, don't sell all. You must keep some of your coins for the ATH or for the big pump on your coins. As long as you are holding good coins, don't worry if the price sometimes dropped for a while. It must grow up again later.
The exact thing I would do at this point. No need to sell any of your coins except you are really in need of cash and there are no alternative means of getting that money then you might consider selling some but this is never the right time to sell off your crypto investment as we have all known that, the market will always reverse regardless of the number to weeks, month or years it takes.

It is clear that reputation is very necessary, because the tendency to do something bad can be seen from the thing that is done. As we all know, STC has a problem with BH, which until now there seems to be no common ground.

Obviously what you are doing is very good prevention even though it looks very successful STC, it could be something done with BH, indicating something wrong in the management is happening. so that it can cause that coins can disappear from the market because they run away and are no longer responsible, it could happen in the future.

I think that actually the STC team has no problem with bounty hunters, what the STC team has done is use any excuse not to pay the amount of money they had to pay, that's why they have made statements saying that most bounty hunters are bots. Now that they have the money they need, they act like they're superior to other people, that's called ego. To me STC is a dead project.
That is still having a problem with the bounty hunters. If during the whole period of the campaign the STC teams never made this allegation about most bounty accounts being bots and waited till the end, what is that? that's an intention SCAM to me. Just like someone already said, I don't want to share all those STC with bounty hunters so they have to come up with this useless excuse. 

I hope India is able to make up its mind and take that bold step in legalizing cryptocurrency but I take is that we have other countries that do not have all these restrictions on cryptocurrencies and are more into green energy, why ain't they into bitcoin mining whilst cutting the monopoly of china? I hope that sooner we will see all this happen.

Altcoins & Cryptocurrencies discussions / Re: Hold Hold and Hold
« on: May 30, 2021, 12:42:17 PM »
it can be a valid strategy to hold until the price rises, until you sell at a loss everything can be recovered in the future, another strategy could be to predict a value to sell and set levers or stop loss on an exchange
Hodling shouldn't be a problem especially when you invested in the right coins/Alts. Not all coins are worth Hodling for a long time hoping that they will recover in the future for a bigger gain. I believe that when your intention for investment is for a long term that will entail you hodling for some time, Invest in the right projects that will not fail over time. 

I could not understand why you are upset about kyc as now kyc is very rare for bounty hunters and its only for investors. Actually when they launch a project and if their govt give this kind of criteria, they have to quarey KYC as terms and conditions. I think we should take KYC as positive thing so that cheaters can avoid real men in bounty.
To me I don't think it is the KYC that is the issue per se but if the KYC will be demanded at the end of the bounty program. What will happen to the bounty hunters that would eventually not be able to do the KYC after they have finished all the bounty for the period? Would they miss out because they couldn't complete the KYC? I believe everything about the requirement to qualify as a participant in a bounty should be stated out from the begining.

My advise is  just trade. Anyone that held are still waiting for there gains back..  Whats there to be proud of... people that sold at the highs an bought in at the lows are the real people to be proud in so despite holding for 10 year just trade daily and earn daily.
I like this idea better even though in some instances were you buy in at a low price you might want to hodl till the price is high enough but I too don't see myself hodling continuously for Ten years while I could have had different turnovers in between to increase volume and profits.

The FUD is something that accompanies the cryptocurrency market from day one, so it is something that does not worry me in the least. The Chinese government's attacks and bans on Bitcoin is something we have seen multiple times a year since 2013, never having achieved its purpose, in fact, I think that if the Chinese government achieves something this time, it could translate into further decentralization of Bitcoin's mining power, but to find out we will have to wait. I bought several dips a few days ago and I still want to buy more if I get enough funds.
I agree with you and that is the part I am really interested in. I don't understand why this aspect of Bitcoin is more centralized why we have other countries that are more into Green energy now and could easily get in Bitcoin mining to reduce the power/control china have on Bitcoin and like you said if anything holds with the new china ban it might lead to mining power decentralization. 

Some of my bounty tokens I will be Hodling for a longer time because I like what I see with the project and the news they put out and I believe it will do well in the future. So even though the market is dipping, am still hodling those token/coins however this does not apply to all bounty which I do sell off almost immediately. So it is project-dependent. 

I believe all points are valid but as you said, it is a doubled face thing. I believe that the covid-19 lockdown made more people looked into another aspect of investment and earning even though we had a bit of a dip during the time which I believe was a fud from whales too to accumulate more, overall I believe it was more positive than negative.

It is a good thing that many Forum OGs are speaking on this but at the end of the day, Who holds these types of people responsible for what they did to Bounty hunters who are at the losing end of this? I would love to see that all crypto projects that come to any of the forums are made MANDATORY to escrow the TOTAL amount of coin/token for payments for the bounty to the BM if not let the bounty not continue on the forum.
I believe somehow peoples/hunters interest have to be protected by the Forum Authority.

I understand that even though we have OGs in this cryptocurrency space that has seen all this happen to cryptocurrency price before, some of those people would have sold too even if not panic sell. I believe it is a strategy to increase your position. I one of the telegram groups am in, people were actually praising the supposedly paper hands investors that sold earlier or that we would say panic sold because when you look at it at the end of the day, they would have been able to accumulate more if they bought back in which I believe should be a true crypto-enthusiast mission for selling.
So sometimes, selling early during dips is not actually bad if your intention is to buy back.

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