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Forum related / New Airdrop subforum?
« on: February 19, 2018, 06:47:48 pm »
After looking through some of the airdrop threads in the subsection I thought it might come in handy to create a new subsection, similar to the one for airdrops that require wallet installations, for all the airdrops that require Gas/ETH/other donations. I think it would really help, especially for new members of the cryptocurency community, to separate task/personal data based airdrops and those, which require small donations.
Would love to hear your opinions on that and maybe it is a possibility for a new subforum with an according change in rules, that those types of airdrops shall only be posted there.

Ethereum Forum / Fiat conversion rat sources from Ethplorer
« on: February 13, 2018, 02:51:15 pm »
I guess like many of you I use Ethplorer to track Etherium Tokens from ICOs, airdrops and just plain trading and as you all know for some tokens Ethplorer lists fiat values. I allways wondered what the sources for those prices are as the seem to not match coinmarketcap and why some do not even have conversion rates despite being traded on exchanges.
Someone has any hints on what the sources for those conversion rates are? Would really clear some things up for me.

Bitcoin Forum / Many many forks upcoming
« on: February 02, 2018, 06:26:39 pm »
With all the Bitcoin forks coming up in 2018 (I read something about close to 20) how are you keeping track of all them, storing your BTC and forks and generally dealing with all that.
I have a bit of bitcoin laying on exchanges in order to buy other alts and I do not really fancy moving them out to a private wallet and back in every time a snapshot is taken on the other hand I really would like profiting from all the forks. Also obviously I can not be bothered to install a new wallet for every crazy fork and import keys and all that so I looking for an easy way to deal with this.
So what are your tactics for Bitcoin and its forks in 2018? Hopefully I can learn something for my own strategy.

News related to Cryptos / Facebook bans ICO advertisments
« on: February 02, 2018, 06:11:58 pm »
Facebook has just announced that it just banned advertisements about new and upcoming ICOs on its platform. There arguments revolve around misleading of people and possible scams.

Sources commenting in that:

I am relatively new here and still am not 100% sure about all the details of the ALTS froum token airdrop (great idea by the way). It states that I have to have reached a new rank before asking for withdrawal and lists the amount of tokens that will be distributed to the specific ranks. So does that mean I should apply for a withdrawal for every rank I achieve, as I would miss out on Tokens if I didn't or can I just keep posting and being active and request the withdrawal after reaching two new ranks?
To specify my situation I am a Jnr. Member so could do a request now, but as I haven't been here so long I am more than happy to keep participating till I am full member and request then, but I am not fully sure if that would somewhat break the system/cheat myself out of rewards.
Hope it is clear what I am confused about.

ich lese eigentlich alles zum Thema Crypto in englisch, jetzt habe ich aber den ein oder anderen im Bekanntenkreis/Verwandten, dem ich die Themen gerne näher bringen würde, die des Englischen nicht so mächtig sind. Ich dachte mir daher mal ich frage hier mal ob wir nicht mal ein paar gute deutschsprachige Seiten sammeln könnten, damit besagte Leute von mir nicht alle ihre Infos von den üblichen unqualifizierten Spiegel- und Handensblattverissen beziehen, sondern sich vielleicht auch mal was brauchbares durchlesen können.

News related to Cryptos / Dream Market to be integrating Monero soon
« on: January 30, 2018, 03:33:23 pm »
One of the biggest Darknetmarkets Dream Market seems to be integrating Monero as a payment option very soon. This will be interessting both with regards to price as well as popular acceptance and opnion on cryptocurrencies.


EtherDelta & ForkDelta / Etherdelta Starter Guide
« on: January 30, 2018, 03:25:45 pm »
As etherdelta is bit more tricky to use and takes more time getting used to than for example say coinbase I did some research and found this rather good reddit posts that walks you through the process step by step. I wanted to share it here in case some of you are confused, but want to trade tokens:

HitBTC / Public Opinion versus my experience
« on: January 23, 2018, 10:46:12 pm »
All the time someone mentions HitBTC all commentators seem to steer away from the exchange without mentioning any specific problems. I used it quit often to exchange some of my more obscure holdings and can't complain. In contrast to Kraken it is not down all the time, my trades are executes swiftly, deposit and withdrawal are faster than I excpected, .... So what am I missing? Will my assets get scammed in an exit scam, was I just lucky, what is the catch?
Or in short why has HitBTC such a bad reputation?

Zcash Forum / ZCash vs. Monero - with regards to anonymity
« on: January 23, 2018, 10:41:05 pm »
I recently saw a talk by someone involved with ZCash (34C3 in case you are wondering) talking in general about smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. When comparing Zcash and Monero it was stated that Monero is not truly anonymous as some security measures are not yet implemented that Zcash already incorporated. Does anyone has some technical insight to shine some light on this discussion - preferable tailored to a non technical person like me - or can offer some links for further readings for a comparision.

Reason I am asking I fancy anonymous things here and there and if I believe nobody can track me, it better be true.

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