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I spoke with the RoyalMix team regarding the JokerMix situation and was informed that the RoyalMix developers had previously worked on part of the JokerMix open source code (the collaboration was initiated by JokerMix). There is nothing else that connects these two mixers, including the mixing methods used by these platforms.
After Klq!@Gjqoqp./ post, I did a short domain analysis, DNS & hosting settings, but I couldn't find a connection between these two sites. After that, I saw that his post was deleted (unfortunately without an explanation), so the only thing that comes up as a reason is that the claims are not reliable.
Традиция хорошая - а что если любовь закончилась, и завяли помидоры. Тут  приходится делать привороты, чтобы способный мальчик не превратился в очень самостоятельного мужика, который решил перестать быть подкаблучником, и захотел все взять в свои руки, убрав из списка родственников

Мукоёси это, по сути, человек, который принят в семью на правах сына, он и выбирается как самостоятельный, а не подкаблучник. Восток — дело тонкое, там коллективизм и традиции всё ещё кое-чего большего стоят, чем можно подумать. ;)
True, finally bounty manager have full controlling take decision for participating approving or not matter how good your account reputation or how many karma do you have. I memorized well with some bounty campaign manager on bitcointalk forum always priority with their citizen only. Most of the participants in their campaign dominance by their citizen with the same board on local post. I think its not worth behind have most experienced manager reduce the participant in his campaign when having around two until three user with the same country.
I think you are remember who is the manager only priority with his citizen although have many user have good criteria but failed for approving.

Although I have always respected the decision and individual criteria of the managers of the signature campaigns, I believe that only selecting participants who have a specific nationality does not make much sense. I don't know who you are referring to, but any user of any nationality should have the same chances of participating. There are good users in every country in the world with opinions as valid as any other.
Gambling discussion / Re: Positive gambling experience
« Last post by Dr.Bitcoin_Strange on Today at 09:12:03 PM »
We should learn to have a positive gambling experience by the way we are determined for it, if we want to see this happen then we must be ready to gamble responsibly, we cannot do otherwise and expect same results with those that are gambling responsibly, gambling is a means of being entertained and we must not take this as a reason to do beyond our capacity when gambling.
Well sometimes you can't really blame some of those who end up having wrong perspectives of gambling and those who end up making wrong gambling choices and incurring unexpected losses for themselves, because how people perceive gambling could be due to the earlier information they got about gambling, could be the fault of the people who introduced them to gambling and what those people told them, sometimes it could even be the social media influencers who promote gambling activities because most of these influencers make gambling look too easy and make it all about making money and maximizing profits, thereby disregarding the most important aspect of gambling which ia the thrill amd the entertainment... That's why we should try as much as possible to make people stay informed and correct those who already have the wrong perspectives of gambling.
Bitcoin Forum / Re: What about your exit Plan ?
« Last post by ZAINmalik75 on Today at 09:06:05 PM »
Hi, fellow Bitcoiners,

I’d love to hear your thoughts on a couple of topics. While we often discuss accumulation strategies, having a solid exit plan is equally crucial. Without an effective exit strategy, all your hard work in accumulating Bitcoin could go to waste. Below are a few general questions—feel free to share your views! I'll drop my views and strategy while replying to most of the posts.

⭐ What are your exit plans for this cycle? (As profit booking is necessary for an investor)

⭐ How long do you think this cycle will take in conclusion?

⭐ What can be the optimistic TOP?
I thought there was a need for new topics and discussions in different directions, as most of the topics are recurrent, so for the sake of information and community views i think it's a good idea to have regularly new topics.
Without an exit strategy accumulation of Bitcoin can't go to waste. Accumulation of BTC will give us profit even if we fail to book profit in one cycle we just have to wait for another and we can book then. But staying long-term is not an easy task therefore proper strategy is needed for investors to meet their profit goals. My plan is to make as much profit as I can by minimizing loss too.

I also think this cycle will exist for another 6 months at least and the optimistic top will be around $150k. I would love to hear about your exit strategy if you are planning to exit now. It was a good idea to make this thread because these are some straight forward questions needed to answer and community answers are very valuable.
klarki, да я только начал с телеграм-каналом, он пока на стадии своего старта, можно сказать :) А так как будет какая-то аудитория, то буду, конечно, и свои сообщества создавать в проектах, почему бы и нет. А тематику я хочу расширить, буду не только развлекательные проекты освещать, но и серьезные. А рефов в Blum скорее уже поздновато привлекать, он и так у всех на устах.
So here is review of Mixer. I will try my best to check out all functions and feature. I will try to find out any limitations which could be challeng to compete with other mixer such as Anonymity,Fee ,User friendly dashboard and Security .

I don't know why Jokers Team decided to take .to domain which is not trusted like other top quality domains such as .com  an  .org.  The only benefit I researched is short to remember.

Looking every thing fine and user friendly. I double checked spelling and grammar mistake but couldn't found any which is appreciated.

There is no live chat support in the website and user have to install telegram or mail for help. There should be live chat service. Suppose if someone haven't created telegram account then he have to go for long process for customer help 🤔🤔

I open telegram support bot to check support service . I leaved help message and got reply after 5 minutes. Telegram support is ok for me as normally reply under 30 minutes are usually marked as fast service.

As I already mentioned that I am trying to use mixer from Android phone. I tried 3-4 times to mix btc but I think we cannot mix through mobile phone. Below is screenshot where site giving error for btc address (red marked). I used different address but faced same problem.

Customer Support told me that taproot address are not available yet but I haven't used any taproot address. I used small Electrum wallet and Safepal wallet Segwit address but still facing same. I will wait for update and then will review further

Note: I will update once problem solve
Bitcoin Forum / Re: Has BTC really become more attractive than gold?
« Last post by Asiska02 on Today at 09:01:56 PM »
I can actually say much about bitcoin but this cannot be said of me about gold. Gold is a precious metal and it has been in existence for very long time unlike the new Bitcoin. The problem I have with gold is its availability and affordability. If anyone is interested in buying bitcoin as a newbie, with less than five dollars they can have some portion of Bitcoin in the next 30 minutes. But this cannot be said about Gold. I don't own gold, but when I had some was through forex by trading it against US Dollar. But I have BTC which I hold in a decentralized private wallet. So, my vote is for the bitcoin I know...

Every bitcoin enthusiast will vote for bitcoin several times ahead of gold. Gold as an asset looks more designated for the rich and powerful people unlike bitcoin that can be own by anyone once you’ve the money that can be used to purchase some. The value of it overtime depends on how the market is on an uptrend and the amount you’re able to have in your wallet to give you the equivalent of its price overtime. Gold has its own advantages but cannot be used against bitcoin as just this one reason is enough to vote for bitcoin over gold as an asset, a long time asset to hold.
Maksudnya, SidraCoin ini Sidra Bank bukan ya?

Kalau iya, memang proyek mereka itu ada program referral yang membutuhkan KYC, nggak heran kalau ketua RT pakai data para penduduknya buat jadi referalnya dia verifikasi dokumen KYC .
Bonus referalnya itu kayaknya macam-macam, ada yang 2 coin Sidra, ada yang 10 coin, ada yang lebih, bahkan ada info kalau sekali daftar itu bisa dapat $30. Itu sepertinya tergantung pada akun si pemilik link referal. Ini juga ada miningnya sih kalau nggak salah. Jadi ya kalau rajin mining dan pakai beberapa akun, lumayan banget pasti hasilnya. Bahkan kalau ane lihat dari beberapa share mereka terkait pendapatannya ya lumayan banget sih. terlebih kalau bisa orang se-RT dijadiin referral semua. Ya tinggal hitung aja dikalikan jumlah warga yang KTPnya dipakai sama bonus link referral akunnya dia.

"pintar" juga di RT ini.
Kalau terkait bahya atau enggaknya, namanya data KTP buat KYC, ya resikonya pasti tinggi, tidak ada yang bsia emnjamin bahwa dokumen itu akan aman selamanya, seperti resiko KYC di platforms lainnya. Berdoa aja semiga nggak terjadi pencurian data di platform KYC emreka.

Yang ane masih belum nemu secara jelas itu berapa harga coin Sidra per @.

Coba deh kulik ini:

Eh ini gimana caranya ya setting link dari YouTube biar gak langsunng muncul videonya gini?
berasa ngiklanin proyek ini banget soalnya.
Iya itu projek nya setelah aku tahu kalau projek mining dan program refferal dah aku gak follow-up lagi menurut aku itu ujung2nya kayak PI network dan tinggal nunggu waktu aja untuk hilang dari peradaban, di OFC Twitter-nya aja gak ada mencantumkan website mereka cuma dan Twitter nya pun gk aktif, kayaknya akun bekas projek lain.
Currently bitcoin has risen to 64k plus at touching 65k this afternoon thereabout, this gives me a kind of unbelief that the market could be that stagnant without hitting further new, I know the market is very hard to predicts because what you think could hit the market so hard is not even what is weighing down the market anymore.

With the recent move in price of bitcoin for some days now, it is very clear that the market is on an uptrend for now. This trend will only stop if we notice a stagnant price for about 72 hours without any further move on it again. It is very likely that bitcoin is going to continue in that manner but on the contrary that the market is unpredictable, one cannot be so sure for how long the trend will continue to be. So it is better not to eve predict and continue with belief on the the flow of the market.

A stagnant price of 72 hours is not stopping a bull run. In fact if we drop under 60k in the next week it will only mean we go up harder and we could buy  more coin for the fall rise.

Frankly buy stack hodl as best you can and do not think in 72hour time slots.

I am stacking till nov election is over in USA at this point maybe I will sell some.
You really think that USA election could give bitcoin an unprecedented lift?
well this could be if only when Donald Trump win the US election and not even that, till he made a pronouncement on his vision towards bitcoin and maybe used as legal tender where everyone and country could start using it the way we uses cash.

WELL Biden is not running and he endorsed Harris.

This will effect price soon I think upwards.  Maybe 70K BY Monday nite. Also if Harris picks Liz Chaney or MIT Romney it could be a way to get two party support.

Okay, let’s see what happens by Monday night after Biden as announced that he has stepped down out of the presidential race. I really want to see how that will affect the price of bitcoin as he has been an enthusiast of bitcoin and want to see it thrive in his administration.
I can see some price movement in bitcoin since the news was released, let’s see if there’s going to be a force push of price upward by Monday night as you’ve said.
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