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September 20, 2021

Комисия сервиса в Украине (OTC commission):
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USDT -0.8%

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Cryptocurrency Trading / What is a phygital asset?
« Last post by K-Chain on Today at 11:04:03 AM »
This word is made from two different words with constantly withering differential boundaries. Physical and Digital, these two concepts keep constantly bedazzling the world as two completely different dimensional concepts keep on merging beautifully. Phygital is a physical item with a digital identity. Not the name, serial number, date but an actual one with ownership, authenticity, creator, manufactured place, etc. NFT platforms like King Store have adapted this already. One of the features of K-Chain is that they can implement Phygitality shortly. It is to engrave an NFT tag with the goods sold so that customers can check the authenticity of the product in a matter of seconds.

For more details,

In Laos, several companies have allowed mining and crypto trading

A special working group was created in the country. Its task will be "to study and determine the basics of legal crypto regulation."

With this decision, the government legalized both the mining and trading of crypto. But so far, only for selected companies. Six organizations in the experimental mode will use BTC, LTC, and ETH.

Analysts identify two main possible reasons for this decision. Firstly, Laos' hydroelectric power plants produce too much electricity. Mining farms will be able to use energy without harming the country. Secondly, before the pandemic, their primary source of income was tourism. COVID-19 has hit the economy of Laos. Against the background of the ban on mining in China and the mass transfer of capacities to other countries, Laos will level out its economic situation.
А как на счет тогда работы, где не может быть сына начальника или описанной ситуации? Можно ведь стать специалистом, которого и не подумают менять на сына :)
Я сам работал в частной семейной фирме, где имел полномочия нанимать и увольнять работников. Так вот, как-то я отказал в приеме на работу родственнику хозяина и никто из руководящих владельцев даже не попытался повлиять на мое решение. Ведь им нужны полезные для дела люди, которые будут создавать прибыль, а не балласт, который будет ее делить.
tl enflasyon karşısında tutunamazken; kripto paralar, altın ve dolardan daha fazla kazandırıyor. haliyle insanlar da kripto paralara yöneliyor.

Google Cloud announced it has tied up with Dapper Labs, the Canadian startup well known for developing the $680 million NBA Top Shot marketplace, to scale and support Dapper’s Flow blockchain. Search engine leader Google is working to take the leadership position in powering the 3rd generation of the World Wide Web, which is supercharged by blockchain.

During this summer, Dapper users carried out between 500,000 and one million transactions per week. According to the industry data site Dapp Radar, the NFT platform is the fourth largest in sales by volume.

Google Cloud, through the multi-year partnership, will act as a network operator. It will provide its infrastructure to help Flow scale. The Flow network, so far, supports more than 50 applications, including some of the most popular NFT collections, like CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot. As per Roham Gharegozlou Dapper Labs’ CEO, more than 2,000 developers, through Google’s suite of cloud services, building on Flow will now be able to connect to Flow access nodes at lower latency.

At present, Amazon Web Services powered centralised servers have dominated about a third of the Internet. The World Wide Web’s new blockchain-based implementation will operate on a network of different computers spread across the world. It will range from personal laptops to specialised cryptocurrency mining farms.

This latest move positions Google to brand itself as a developer-friendly alternative. It is going after a chink in Amazon’s armour during the transition phase to what is often called Web 3.0.

According to Janet Kennedy, the vice president of Google Cloud North America, the actual mining cryptocurrency process isn’t allowed on its cloud services. However, based on the energy consumption of different regions, developers will choose which ones will power their platforms.

She says that it is really about helping them with sustainable and rapid growth. Blockchain technology is moving towards becoming mainstream. Companies like Dapper need a scalable, secure infrastructure that supports their networks and grows their business.

Chief executive Roham Gharegozlou says that node operators can freely use any hardware. It can include Amazon Web Services, Google’s nemesis. They have streamlined the process that makes it simpler to integrate with its software for Flow developers.

Gharegozlou says that currently, what is being seen in blockchain today is the iPhone moment where consumers begin to realise what is going on. There are tons of possibilities to build everything from the Flappy Bird to the Angry Bird of Flow and just blockchain in general.

Dapper is doubtless among those quite successful at capitalising on that opportunity. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, the value of the blockchain entertainment company is $7.5 billion. It counts 600,000 wallets on its signature NBA Top Shot platform. It sells “moments,” or short video highlights, put together by the National Basketball Association sold in packs as non-fungible tokens. Bitcoin is “fungible,” as it is interchangeable with any other bitcoin. But as these moments are rare or even unique, they are called “non-fungible”.

The only platforms that outperformed Dapper, according to DappRadar, were Ethereum-based Open Sea, CryptoPunks and Axie Infinity. Since it launched in September 2020, the Top Shot collection smashed multiple NFT sales records and has amassed a sales volume of nearly $700 million.

Following the path of other blockchain projects swelling on the backs of centralised cloud hosts, Dapper Labs, with Google’s help, hopes to scale NBA Top Shot and other NFT lines running on Flow to billions of users. In 2015, Microsoft became the first tech leader in providing cloud-based management and infrastructure as blockchain-as-a-service. Amazon followed in 2019 when it launched its blockchain support.

The reliance on processors owned by one of the largest tech companies in the world might seem ironic as simple laptops once powered the emergence of cryptocurrencies. While the massive centralised cloud offerings integrate themselves with distributed ledgers, their decentralised rivals, which bring together unused computing space on individual computers in exchange for cryptocurrency payments, such as Filecoin, are positioning themselves as the truer backbone of Web 3.0.

However, this Google-Dapper deal is just the latest among the various partnerships the Mountain View, California based company has made recently in the blockchain space. Last year, it became part of the governing council of Hedera Hashgraph, an enterprise-grade distributed ledger network, leading strategic planning for the Hedera network and ensuring its stability. Also, it had launched a suite of tools on its BigQuery data analytics platform in 2019, which had made blockchain data for bitcoin and a few other significant cryptocurrencies fully searchable.

The tech giant has envisioned itself playing a vital role in the Internet’s third era. In its first iteration, Web 1.0, it had all been about static and simplistic websites. Its next stage was also known as Web 2.0. User-generated content and social media dominated this stage. It had opened the opportunity for the emergence of new methods of commerce and communication and decentralised networks.

Kennedy says that they were pretty delighted about Dapper Labs’ work and that Google provided security and infrastructure to them. It was just the very beginning of a new evolution. Now consumers are reimagining their relationship, their ownership of digital assets and digital collectibles.

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Fear is a Play to Earn Horror Game ECOSYSTEM

It's all about incubating for exciting, scary horror games with NFTs and P2E withholding the anecdote 'Survive against crazy undead foul farm creatures in this P2E action shooter'. It's terrific  but first of its kind, giving another dimension to NFT craze!

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Nuevas ICOS, IEO / IDO: Pledge Finance (PLGR)
« Last post by Freemind on Today at 10:19:42 AM »
¿Qué es Pledge Finance?

A diferencia de la mayoría de los protocolos de préstamos disponibles, Pledge no se centrará en los comerciantes cripto que toman prestados activos digitales en tiempo real para el comercio diario. En cambio, Pledge responde a la necesidad de financiamiento a más largo plazo, principalmente sirviendo a los titulares de criptoactivos para diversificar su cartera con activos no criptográficos, sin la fricción del reequilibrio de la cartera.

Al reducir la exposición a la volatilidad de las tasas de interés para los prestatarios / prestamistas, Pledge resuelve el componente central que falta en el mundo actual de DeFi y, por lo tanto, crea un mercado de préstamos descentralizado que acelerará la adopción de aplicaciones DeFi en las actividades financieras diarias de las personas.

Pledge Finance es un protocolo descentralizado que establece mercados monetarios con tasas de interés fijas optimizadas algorítmicamente.

Venta de tokens: Consultar en la web oficial del proyecto.


Tipo:                                                                     IDO

Categoria:                                                            Plataforma

¿Equipo verificado?                                               No

¿Lista blanca de inversores?                                 N/D

¿KYC para inversores?                                          N/D

Mínimo necesario (soft cap):                                 N/D

Máximo necesario (hard cap):                               N/D

Tokens a la venta:                                                N/D   

Suministro total:                                                   N/D                               

Precio del token:                                                  N/D

¿Airdrop?:                                                             N/D

¿Bounty?                                                              No

¿Escrow?                                                              N/D

Prototipo del proyecto en funcionamiento:           N/D

White paper:                                                        Disponible

Monedas aceptadas:                                            N/D

Plataforma:                                                           xxx

Estándar:                                                              N/D

Tipo de token:                                                     Utilidad

Localización:                                                        N/D

Otros enlaces de interés:

Este post es solo informativo, en ningún caso se intenta vender ninguna moneda/token desde aquí.
Why permissionless launchpads are taking off?
  • Transparency, equality and fairness in processing
  • No gatekeeper, mannual process and interest
Those are obviously main focus of Polygen launchpad, a 100% decentralized launchpad to empower and promote fair launches of projects. Built to give Projects the ability to experiment and innovate.

What do you think ?
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