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Author Topic: Free EGG tokens to claim with the Cocoricos Airdrop on AirdropAlert  (Read 2785 times)


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Cocoricos Airdrop is worth 315 EGG tokens (~$ 6.3). You can earn more EGG tokens by inviting friends.

About Cocoricos

Cocoricos mission is to foster the development of a global Security Token Offerings Ecosystem & Infrastructure that provide full transparency and a stable return of investment.
EGG tokens allow project owners to obtain exchange value with a high growth potential during a token sale and lower fees. It gives contributors an added value on the profits of the Cocoricos company, a voting right on the listed projects, and the right to earn rewards and reductions during investments. The Cocoricos platform aligns the objectives of all network participants around the EGG Token.

Claim free EGG tokens on AirdropAlert:  https://airdropalert.com/cocoricos-airdrop

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