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Author Topic: Verified status for ICOs & Token offerings  (Read 27028 times)


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Verified status for ICOs & Token offerings
« on: July 03, 2018, 01:26:14 AM »

We are granting verified status to official representatives of the ICO or token.

There are 4 requirements though:

1- Post an ANN or Bounty on our forum - with no links to other forums / including in signature campaign.

2- You must tweet or write about your ANN (bounty) topic within 3 days after obtaining "verified status" at your social media or website. Otherwise your verified status will be removed.

3- It is mandatory to donate us. You can do it in two ways (Choose a better alternative for you):
 a) Send us donation in your ERC20 token worth at least $100
 b) Send us an ETH donation worth at least $30

Our ERC20 wallet address is 0x2143F7146F0AadC0F9d85ea98F23273Da0e002Ab
Our BEP20 wallet address is 0xcbDAB774B5659cB905d4db5487F9e2057b96147F

4- You must clearly have a username that clearly identify your entity/ICO/token.

Once all 4 steps fulfilled, apply below:;area=groupmembership

& or PM admin or mnixxo

PS: We will verify manually, please be patient.

Verified does not mean endorsement, it only means identity verified

Verified accounts get to:
- Access the translation center to recruit verified translators.
- Access the prime bounty sections, to post a prime twitter bounty targeting top twitter accounts, and a prime content bounty targeting top youtubers and bloggers, and prime signature bounty to target high rank forum members on both Altt & Btt.
- Access the update section, to post update about your ico/coin/token.
- Access the press release section to post press releases.
- Higher credibility as being official accounts give more trust.
- A listing on the forum calendar of the ICO launch date.

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Verified status for ICOs & Token offerings
« on: July 03, 2018, 01:26:14 AM »


ETH & ERC20 Tokens Donations: 0x2143F7146F0AadC0F9d85ea98F23273Da0e002Ab
BNB & BEP20 Tokens Donations: 0xcbDAB774B5659cB905d4db5487F9e2057b96147F
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