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Author Topic: Creating Tokens, dApps, Decenetarlized Exchange, Custom Smart Contracts  (Read 1077 times)


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Hey, I am a Web Dev, Experienced in Making Responsive Websites and Web Designing.
This is my little thread with all the information you might need.

I am experienced in these languages:
- CSS3
- JavaScript
- jQuery
- React.js
- Python

Here are the services which I provide:
- Web Development (Responsive Websites)
- WordPress Development
- Image to HTML/CSS
- Web Designing
- ERC20 Token Creation
- Smart Contract Development

Previous Work
Made Website, Infographics, ERC20-Token for ZAC Finance
Made Website, Infographics, ERC20-Token for Yuyi Finance
Made ERC20-Token for SamuraiSwap
Made ERC20-Token for
and many more NDA projects which will soon be released.

Discord: ImThour#7648
Telegram: @thourim
PM me for more info!

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