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Author Topic: Airdrop of BRISE tokens from Bitgert blockchain and Bitgert Exchange  (Read 197 times)


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Decentralized network Bitgert and cryptocurrency exchange Bitgert Exchange are holding a series of airdrops of their native BRISE token with guaranteed rewards for all participants.

There are currently 3 promotions for the distribution of Brise coins:

Bitgert Mass Airdrop - Season 1 (100,000 BRISE to each participant).
Bitgert Exchange Airdrop (1,000,000 BRISE for 5,000 randomly selected individuals).
$250,000 in BRISE tokens (equally between all participants)

The terms of participation

Register on the exchange ref - Thank you (KYC is not required). not ref
Go to the "Funds > Deposits" section and get the wallet address for depositing BRISE (BRC-20) tokens (this wallet address will need to be specified in the airdro tasks).

Bitgert Mass Airdrop Season 1
Complete tasks here Bitgert Mass Airdrop - Season 1 (Twitter, Telegram).
Indicate your BRISE exchange wallet in the tasks.
Invite friends to receive an additional 10,000 BRISE for each of them.
Winners: Unlimited, Deadline: February 20, 2023.
Bitgert Exchange Airdrop
Complete tasks here Bitgert Exchange Launch Airdrop (Twitter, Telegram).
Indicate your BRISE exchange wallet in the tasks.
Invite friends to receive an additional 1,000,000 BRISE for each of them.
Winners: 5000, Deadline: February 01, 2023

$250,000 in BRISE tokens
Follow twitter
Retweet this post
and tag a few friends.
Fill out the #Bitgert to giveaway $250,000 USD worth $BRISE to crypto community in shared form with your BRISE exchange wallet and a link to the retweet.
Winners: Unlimited, Deadline: January 30, 2023.

Bitgert is the fastest, most secure and scalable blockchain ecosystem, with the lowest transaction fees. The fastest growing ecosystem with projects spanning DeFi, NFT, Web3 and more, Bitgert has also developed a BRC20/ERC20/BEP20-enabled wallet for Android and iOS.

Bitgert Chain is the only blockchain that has managed to create a zero-cost blockchain and the gas fee is only $0.00000001 per transaction.

Good luck and profit to all

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