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Author Topic: SOLANA's Wormhole Hacker Strikes Again: $155 Million Worth of ETH Moved to DEX  (Read 336 times)


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  •     The hacker behind one of the largest crypto hacks in 2022 is active again
  •     $155 million worth of ETH has been moved to a decentralized exchange
  •    The Wormhole team is offering a $10 million bounty for the return of stolen funds
  •     Cybersecurity firm warns of phishing websites posing as Wormhole Bridge
    The hacker who exploited the popular cross-chain protocol, Wormhole, has made a move. After months of inactivity, the individual responsible for one of the largest hacks in 2022 has sent $155 million worth of ETH to a decentralized exchange.

    According to blockchain data analysis platform, CertiK, the hacker sent 95,630 ETH to OpenOcean DEX before converting it into ETH-pegged assets such as Lido Finance's staked ETH (stETH) and wrapped staked (wstETH). The hacker then used the wrapped staked Ether as collateral to take out a $13 million loan in the stablecoin DAI in an attempt to buy nearly 7,989.5 ETH via Kyber Network. The trades were repeated multiple times.

    In response to the renewed activity, the Wormhole team has once again offered a bounty of $10 million for the return of all stolen funds. The cybersecurity firm, Ancilla, has also issued a warning that many of the Google ads for "Wormhole Bridge" are actually phishing websites.

    Looks like the hacker is still active, be careful with phishing websites, hopefully they can be caught soon. More info at

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