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Author Topic: Shardeum - the complete guide to getting an Airdrop!  (Read 7863 times)

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Shardeum - the complete guide to getting an Airdrop!
« on: November 24, 2022, 08:24:20 AM »

What is Shardeum?
Shardeum is an EVM based L1 that uses dynamic state sharding to achieve linearly scalability. This means Shardeum can increase its TPS capacity with each validator added to the network to retain low fees forever. In many state sharded blockchains, developers face challenges as they don’t retain atomic composability across shards. However, Shardeum uses a novel architecture where atomic composability is retained. Shardeum provides the highest throughput capacity of any EVM based L1 without sacrificing on decentralization.

For developers, the experience of building on Shardeum is the same as other EVM chains, you can deploy contracts in Solidity or Vyper and there aren’t any special considerations relative to sharding. You don’t need to consider which shard you deploy your contract to as the network retains atomic composability with all applications. However, developers benefit from linear scaling on Shardeum as you no longer have to concern losing users due to rising gas fees. On Shardeum you can build truly decentralized applications that aren’t limited by throughput bottlenecks.

Shardeum is EVM Compatible​
If you are one of those Ethereum or Ethereum-based developers, please note that Shardeum is EVM compatible. You don’t need to change your application codes to launch various dApps you are building on Shardeum. Any smart contract written to run in EVM can be easily ported to the Shardeum network. You just need to deploy a smart contract written in Solidity or Vyper on Shardeum with a bonus that you will never have to worry about rising gas fees again.

Transaction Consensus
Shardeum’s unique technology is complemented with a unique consensus algorithm that combines Proof-of-Quorum (PoQ) with Proof-of-Stake (PoS). The consensus algorithms will help secure the network through a trustless collection of votes and staking by validator nodes. Each transaction is processed in the order received before being grouped into blocks/partitions. Consensus on the network is done at the transaction level instead of the block level, allowing a transaction to be processed simultaneously across shards rather than consecutively as with block level consensus.

Transaction level consensus eliminates the complexities needed to ensure atomic processing, otherwise required by block level consensus platforms. This further results in immediate finality and low latency, which prevents network congestion. A detailed explanation of Shardeum’s consensus algorithms will be added to this documentation in the upcoming months.

Liberty Opcodes
Blocks work differently in Shardeum because transactions are processed individually and not grouped into blocks. However, generating blocks at a specific interval is still required to support the existing smart contracts, which use block-related opcodes and comply with the JSON RPC specifications.

Shardeum uses a life cycle called cycle to schedule validator rotation and many other operations. For example, a cycle can take 60 seconds, producing a cycle record for each cycle. In Shardeum, block numbers are tied to the cycle production rate. Shardeum decided to generate 10 blocks in each cycle. If the cycle duration is 60 seconds, a new block will be generated every 6 seconds to produce 10 blocks in each cycle.

Transaction’s timestamp selects the appropriate block by deterministically mapping the timestamp to the block number. If the injected transaction does not have a timestamp, the network will determine a timestamp for the transaction and select the correct block. The block information will be fed into the EVM together with the transaction parameter.

Shardeum exposes block-related public API endpoints so JSON RPC servers can use the same block information as the network.

If you want to read the full documentation about the project, here’s a link to the WHITEPAPER -

Shardeum Raises $18.2 Million In Seed Round Funding From 50+ Investors.
Thank you to our investors & community for supporting Shardeum’s success. It’s only the beginning of our journey to make #Shardeum a leading L1 globally & enable decentralization for everyone! #BuildWeb3

Read more —

Judging by the information from the official website about the Tokenomics project airdrop for early adopters is provided and it is a challenge for all of us, we need to act, be active and interact with as many projects on this blockchain as possible!

Then we get to work and I’ll tell you about the activities that I have gathered in one place.
The network is running intermittently and I recommend you add this article to your bookmarks and do a little bit each day so you don’t quit halfway through!
I want to let you know that the mainnet will start in the first quarter of 2023, there is still time!
Judging from experience — it’s better to do all the action sooner than later, we don’t know when the snapshot will be taken, don’t leave everything for later!

Let’s get started!!!

| 1 |

The first thing we do is add the Shardeum network to our Metamask wallet —

| 2 |

Next, you need to make a request for test tokens SHM, detailed instructions you will find by visiting the official website -

| 3 |

Another way to get airdrop test tokens via discord -! #faucet-1.6 and #faucet-2.0

| 4 |

Join Twitter - and sign up for the newsletter.

| 5 |

The first and one of the most important in our view is the interaction with the Swapped Finance project! On September 17 we published detailed guide on how to take part in the testnet —, do everything by it and you will be happy)

You can also сlaim the NFT - Answers: Shardeum/0.3%/0.21675%) and take part in the Bounty program on Crew3 -

| 6 |

ShardeumSwap | 1st Dapp on Shardeum
Here you will have to trade, add liquidity and remove it! Leave your feedback on discord -

| 7 |

Spriyo | NFT Marketplace | Shardeum
Create your own NFT in Shardeum Liberty 1.6 & Shardeum Liberty 2.0 and comment other collection!
Leave your feedback on discord -
Join Crew3 Bounty —

| 8 |

Shardeum Disperse Token SHM
Full instruction on the site! In short, you need to send any available number of tokens, note that very long confirmation of transactions!

| 9 |

Here you will have to trade, add liquidity and remove it!

| 10 |

ChainHash | First Aggregator Platform on Shardeum
Join Discord - + Follow Twitter - + Join Guild - = Early Access Role

| 11 |

DexPad — Multichain Launchpad
Complete as many activities as possible! Create your own token and reset the airdrop and so on. The network is not stable, have patience!

| 12 |

DotShm | Shardeum Name Service
We have already written an article about how to register a domain name in this service in the network Poligon, after the exit to the mainnet purchased names will go to the network Shardeum —

| 13 |

Shardeum Name Service
A similar service for registering domain names on the Shardeum network!

| 14 |

Boss Baby NFT
It is necessary to mint nft, if it does not work this time, try another time, when the network is stable!

| 15 |

Shardeum Crew3 Bounty Program
Daily go to the site and perform new tasks that the project team will publish, at the moment there are 3 tasks!

… to be continued!
CLAP & COMMENT PLEASE!! 😘[/size][/b][/i]
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Shardeum - the complete guide to getting an Airdrop!
« on: November 24, 2022, 08:24:20 AM »

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