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Author Topic: Bounty Manager Badge  (Read 31839 times)

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Bounty Manager Badge
« on: July 23, 2019, 11:48:16 PM »

We are introducing the Bounty Manager Badge as a way to allow bounty managers to get more recognition.

To whom is it granted ?
This badge is granted to bounty managers that have conducted at least 3 successful bounty management campaigns.

Stars to good bounty managers!
Good bounty managers will get stars,
each star is granted separately, and a bounty manager can get up to 5 stars

Rules Manager have to follow:
  • Make sure the project has an ANN on our forum / if not post an ANN in proper section.
  • Make sure the bounty on our forum does not require any action on another crypto forums.
  • Make sure the bounty on our forum does not link to other crypto forums.
  • Bounty on altt should be announced by the project official twitter account or telegram group and/or other social media accounts.
  • Report any suspected duplicate account to team here<.

Additional Rules Manager are advised to follow, but not required:
  • If the project is based on ERC20 tokens, do a donation of these tokens to 0x2143F7146F0AadC0F9d85ea98F23273Da0e002Ab ,
    if BSC do donation to 0xcbDAB774B5659cB905d4db5487F9e2057b96147F
  • After above step, contact us to discuss how we can promote the project.
  • If the project fails make sure to get the founders to agree on our Bounty Insurance Plan
  • Create Prime bounties for influencers Prime bounties sections

Additional :
  • Stars Granted to bounty Managers : If they prove themselves good in managing the bounties & follow all our rules / the more bounties the more stars
  • Agency status: Granted to teams that manage bounties via an bounty management agency or other entities.
  • Bounty Managers Section: A section where you can discuss with other bounty managers.

To get the badge, contact me, after you read and agree to above rules!

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Bounty Manager Badge
« on: July 23, 2019, 11:48:16 PM »

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ETH & ERC20 Tokens Donations: 0x2143F7146F0AadC0F9d85ea98F23273Da0e002Ab
BNB & BEP20 Tokens Donations: 0xcbDAB774B5659cB905d4db5487F9e2057b96147F
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