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Author Topic: Requesting KYC semi- verified status / avoid sharing personal data  (Read 2381 times)


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Due to the KYC averse nature of the crypto community, and to be able to verify that users are unique
we are launching the Semi-Verified KYC badge.
This badge verify to an extent, that the user is unique,
and can be seen as a temporary solution for this issue.

The user will not have to share all his/her personal details,
instead 1st name and a photo will suffice

the process will follow the same as the KYC verification

But with these changes:
1- you just fill 1st name , no need for second name
2- you can hide half your id with the paper that has your altcoinstalks "username" // picture & first name on id should be visible
3- the photo should be clear
4- In case of another person from same country has same 1st name, you will lose the badge if we are in doubt [this does not happen in case of Full KYC]
5- Do not put id number in the form, instead put the nature of the document "passport", "id", "driving license" etc ...

Warning, you should at least have a baby steps rank before requesting KYC verified status > go write some posts before requesting KYC verified

KYC verifications are time consuming, thus it is decided to get a KYC verified or KYC semi verified badge you need to send ALTS token to forum wallet address (found at the bottom of this page).

KYC or semi-KYC will require 1 ALTS token, not points, an actual token transferred.

Furthermore if you wish to accelerate your application, send 20 tokens, then pm me.
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