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Author Topic: Feb 25th The General Elections Vote Competency, not tribe or Religion  (Read 1182 times)


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If you Reason this current situation, You go see say things hard for this our nation, Naira scarcity all over the nation, fuel still scarce for the fuel station, but all this rubbish fit change by determination,
We fit use our PVC decide our future,  make we vote wisely, vote for a man that can do the job, if you no really know the candidates , watch there campaigns , interviews, and follow there track records to see waiting them done before,  any wrong vote na till the next 8years before we go get chance to correct am, so pls let's vote wisely, vote competence, vote a man that won't have challenges ruling the country, make we no suffer again for another 8 years.
No vote because of money🙏 no vote because of maggi, salt, cloth,
One love one 9ja❤️

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