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today 1LBC = 0.27$

today 1 lbc = 0.199$

wow today 1 lbc = 0.152$

When we say "LBRY does to content what Bitcoin does to money", what does that mean?

It means an identity *you actually own* instead of a Silicon Valley megacorp.

It means having direct relationships, free from others extraction, meddling, and judging.

Be free on web 3
Dove of peace

please download the app & Re-Verify Email


Still available

today 1 lbc = 0.126$

Round 2 is Live  FREE 100 ANO

Arrano Login Rewards is Live !
Scratch and Win 42 rewards of ANO and Crypto.

Login to your Arrano account and Claim your Rewards now!

The Arrano Airdrop Round 1 will end today!

Hurry Up and Grab your Free ANO tokens for the future. We will be releasing our roadmap for upcoming developments.

Stay tuned, We Begin our Journey here.

today is the last day

3 days left  :)


Blockchain Industry is a mainstream subject now and very soon it will be a part of our daily life in all the technical aspects. The inception of Defi protocols into the blockchain system has changed the game.

The world seeks a platform to organize things that work in a systematic structure. Arrano comes into action with this vision to build a sophisticated and uniform place for users to enjoy the potential of blockchain technology

Arrano Network is a community-based initiative that provides the community the power to Decide, develop, and earn their super from the Defi products. Matter of fact is it is a Decentralized exchange that offers P2P options as well.

Arrano Network’s Vision is to build a Strong Community of Cryptocurrency enthusiasts to build and deploy Defi products that are essential and lucrative.

What are we up to ?

Arrano Network is initiating with products that solve real-time problems in the existing blockchain services stream.

    Arrano Dex — Decentralized Exchange

A Grown-up decentralized exchange platform that focuses on providing a higher liquidity ratio and lowest latency. Additionally, the platform will also offer high speed, dedicated support systems, and advanced analytics.

2. Arrano P2P — Crypto to Fiat Exchange.

A Peer to Peer to Crypto to the Fiat exchange platform. Starting with one country we will proceed to extend our areas and aim to cover a global scale for faster P2P exchange service.

3. Arrano Trade View

An Advances platform to watch trades analysis of crypto tokens. The platform will also be provided with real-time expert interactions and prediction aspects.

4. Arrano LaunchPad — Decentralized Startup funding

The Product will enhance the usability of ANO tokens and provide collateral tokenized funding for startups to get funding for their ideas along with resources to support from developers, media, and the Introducers community.

5. The Arrano Token (ANO) — Fueling the ecosystem.

ANO , the native token of Arrano Network will have a minimum market supply and is aimed to evaluate at $10 / ANO. The tokens will be listed and trade among top Dex and exchanges.

We are making development every single day wherein a huge decentralized community of resources is involved in taking this forward to a very Big level.

We invite you to be an active member of this community and involve in performing your role of being an Introducers, Media & Author, or Blockchain Developer.

Thanks for love and Support.

💬 Official Telegram Group:

📃 Litepaper:

🌐 Website :

🐤Twitter :


* Arrano Team aim to valuate tokens to $10/ANO

Ends on 12th Nov (12/11/2020)

Still available :)

Referral Links / HOT Airdrop 1 Ant chain (ANTC) Limited for 500k users
« on: November 03, 2020, 02:54:42 AM »
Antchain is the pioneer of blockchain small and micro finance, and ANTC is the Alipay of blockchain "let credit equal wealth" and is committed to creating an open blockchain ecosystem. Relying on blockchain, big data, and cloud computing, the platform aggregates multiple protocols. When users deposit, the platform will automatically allocate user funds to the current agreement with the highest profit, and will give users a statement of rights and interests called ANTC TOKEN.

Just put your eth address & submit
Reward 1 ANTC

The total amount of ANTC is only 3,000,000, and the number of ANTC airdrops is 500,000. In order to thank the ant team for their technical support, we donated 100,000 ANTC to the official ant, and 2,400,000 ANTC was recognized online.

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