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We already witnessed how Bitcoin behave and able to recover from dump condition to increase position as everything's possible even in the midst of hopeless momentum. If we see Bitcoin at the top, we might see next the dump position. Same goes when it is on downtrend, uptrend might be the next position. Given the fact where Bitcoin is, there's altcoins.

However, this time the world seems different. There's a circumstances that may affect Bitcoin, Ethereum and some altcoins price like wars, global warming, world economic and pandemic.

Are we going to see positive effect or negative effect soon?

Share with us your Bitcoin and Ethereum point of view during this downtrend moment...

So far we are sad for our friends who are now in the midst of troubles during conflict between Russia and Ukraine. We are also thinking what will happen in crypto space once war couldn't be resolve.

Of course the commotion will be greater then it is possible that more and more countries would engage to war. (I hope not).

We know the possibility that may happen. Anyway, for the sake of discussion you are free to share your point of view.

I'm pretty sure to refer the tokens that already listed in the market and reliable to invest.

While the market is down what do you think the best token to invest that you are definite for profit at the right time?

Can you share the insight how sure are you that the token you think is the best will increase and have a bright future.

No to advertising and shilling, please. Ty

As we all know crypto market is very volatile to the point -0% gain is possible and might happen after massive hype. Few days ago until now cryptos are trying to bounce back. But some view the market condition is just temporary due to thanksgiving day.

By witnessing the sudden decline of your altcoins holding (just in case you experience) how are you today and how we can inspire noob to continue in crypto?

Altcoins & Cryptocurrencies discussions / Crypto that make you something
« on: November 04, 2021, 03:38:48 PM »
I'm just wondering maybe we can say here the tokens that gave you much wonderful experienced that change your crypto life from nothing into something. From rug pulls, scam, dead coins and unfortunate investment into something that you are now in good position because of that particular(tokens).

This could help someone else to research and look into it. Of course everyone should DYOR and each of us is responsible for every investment that we are into.

We yah all look forward that altcoins will rally to the highest level if possible. And we expected that when there's a new BTC ATH could be an open door to trigger the green field again.

Here we go again near to cross over the All Time High of Bitcoin which $64,804.72 last 6 months specifically April 14, 2021 according to coingecko. Also the 24 hours high of BTC was $64,608 which is so close to hit the ATH.

Could we see altcoins rally this coming weeks in case BTC will record new ATH?

Forum related / Forum is now 4th yr old
« on: October 16, 2021, 05:37:00 PM »

New Goals. New Rules. New Giveaways. ;D ;D

Congratulations all specially to our dearest admin, president, vice president, judges, envoys, gm, mods, and all the community.

Happy birthday :D

As we know the sudden dump caused by China that announced crypto transaction is illegal, created a massive damage rapidly. And declined the hope to see BTC price at $100k this year.

Nevertheless, as what others speculate this matter. They believe this is not new anymore as is this activity seems will happen repeated year after year. Maybe they would love to accumulate more crypto as much as they can while the market dump.

Whatever, do not panic. Just enjoy your crypto life and don't exceed your investment more than you can afford to lose.

HERE is thread created by MrSpasybo about China wants to ban crypto or they are just accumulating.

Are you panicking every time there's negative news about Crypto?

Bitcoin Forum / No Bitcoin, who will lead crypto then?
« on: August 23, 2021, 08:47:30 PM »
Bitcoin is the main coin in crypto and yet there are seemingly challengers that criticize/d and take advantage its ability and existence. Sometime Bitcoin is use by scammers which produced negative impact not to believe.

We know how Bitcoin perform. We are also aware how Btc could shake the entire crypto upside down.

I know it is impossible for now :D but for the sake of discussion.
What if Bitcoin didn't exist or will be dead soon? What crypto will lead then?

Technology is becoming part of human lives in daily basis. Meanwhile the blockchain is moving forward to conquer the world from traditional system. Technology is the way to boost blockchain competency.  Both becomes necessary in todays living.

What do you think the future of any project with the concept of technology and blockchain?

So far, old coins are still valuable particularly the top ranking. However, the coming of NFT could dominate some of them in case the demand of NFTs will continually surge.

Do you think they (old coins) should adjust in order to adopt the new trend?

I'll try to mention not some of those in momentum tokens of NFT project. I guess we are not late to enter those what we so called play to earn concept. While you play you are earning their tokens which already tradable. This is good opportunity to draw users more and more everyday.

Though they invest big money, in just 3 months profit is more than enough. DYOR

Does NFT DeFi would be the next trend of cryptocurrency?

Forum related / Increase the forum traffic
« on: July 27, 2021, 05:34:43 PM »
I guess we still aiming for something better here in the forum. I'm just wondering if how's the traffic now?

I'm also concern about the signature campaign that I've read somewhere that we have less traffic to their site while the campaign is live.

Can we still expect to have more bounties with signature or few months from now signature campaign will be excluded?

Permission to post if okay lang po.

Okay, may nababasa lang ako na malupit daw itong Beyond Protocol dahil IOT siya at the same time Blockchain. Parang ICP din pero mukhang mas maganda ang Beyond Protocol.

May team din sila sa Pilipinas na namimigay sating mga kabataang kababayan ng foods and schools supply. Syempre points lang un kung bakit din ako nag gawa ng thread na ito dahil nga din sa constant nilang pag tulong sating mga kababayan.

Hnd na ako mag lagay pa ng specific na mga details regarding kay Beyond Protocol para iwas sa advertisement.

Kayo nalang po mag visit ang see for yourself kung okay ba talaga ito. Baka kasi makatulong din sa mga investors nating Pinoy if meron man.


Bitcoin Forum / Real Bitcoin Believer
« on: July 12, 2021, 04:19:32 AM »
I'm just wondering if some of you are true Bitcoin believers. Well, normally I'll expected that all of us may say, Yess.

Now let me share one real happening as we did/ doi'n it individually (maybe not all).

Maybe our common scenario is the swap and swapping also known as conversation.  Haha

Some of us believe Bitcoin to surge in due time up to $100K is possible. Okay, if you are true Bitcoin believer's, then why you didn't swap or convert all your altcoins into Bitcoin? And it is also possible that some strongly believe but doesn't have even a penny of it.  Even though they have a chance to buy back then when BTC was $20K.

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