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Maybe if anything is exciting this year is that I can accumulate cheap altcoins while it is low in the market, so that when the bull run season comes that those who have been in this industry say for a long time, I can experience a pretty good income in the future anyway.

And when that happens, there is a bit of a thrill if the tokens held in my wallet suddenly kick their prices in the market.

Privacy Coins Forum / Re: Why is there no interest in DGB?
« on: August 28, 2022, 10:29:19 AM »
I got to know Crypto in 2017 like most people. Dgb is one of the first digital currencies I learned. Especially in 2017, Dgb was a coin that rose to 2600 sathos in April-May, but it has always declined since then. There are no coins to pour water on your hand in terms of speed. There was also Dgb (segwit feature) which was not btc at the time
My question is: Why is there no interest in Dgb nowadays? Do these prices suit Dgb? Why is that
not making a solid rise?

According to my research on google, in the year 2017 DGB(digibytes) was quite noisy and many people also invested in it and believed in their plans, and the volume it had during those years was also good. But if I compare it now, it's not as loud as other coins that were at the same time in 2017, such as XVG, but somehow its volume in CMC is over 7M$, which is still quite large, which means it also has potential to provide good profits in the future. I will also add it to my portfolio assets here.

Privacy Coins Forum / Re: Best privacy coin
« on: August 28, 2022, 10:20:27 AM »
One of my favorite kind of crypto coins are privacy ones because these are the only one that allows really anonymous transactions.
There are many privacy coin nowadays and it's not easy to focus on differences from one to another.
My favorite one is still Zcash because I like their team and the way the project is developing even if I like also Verge.
What do you think about?
What are your favorite privacy coins?

If I'm going to buy, it's better to invest in verge (XVG) because the chances of making a lot of money here are greater if the amount to be bought in the verge coin is also large. To be sure, when the bull run arrives, it will also go along with kicking the price in the market, so it's better to buy now than regret it later. Also, at the moment, their development and their plans for the future are okay. And even with its volume in the market, it's still not bad because it a round for 600k$ or more.

Philippines (Tagalog) / Re: Nextmoon new crypto
« on: August 28, 2022, 10:07:27 AM »
Ayon dito ang total supply ng nextmoon ay 9,496,276,829,590 with market cap na $630,747 kaya malamang na di siya scam. Kaya tanong ko lang sa mga kababayan natin na traders, ok bang mamuhunan sa bagong crypto na ito?


Sa tingin ko naman ok din mamuhunan dito sa nextmoon, base sa pagcheck nito sa pancakeswap sobrang mura nya ngayon sa totoo lang. Kaya kahit maliit na halaga lang ang bilhin mo dito tulad ng 10$ tingin ko nasa 4.4B nextmoon din siya at malaki tsansa na tumaas ito ng husto din pag nagsimula ang bull run, tingin ko bibili din ako nito tapos hold lang din, saka sa aking pagkakaalam pwede din itong iswap sa token ng altcointalks.

Philippines (Tagalog) / Re: MIR4 Play to earn blockchain base game
« on: August 28, 2022, 09:00:25 AM »
Sa panahong ito hindi na ganun kaingay ang MIR 4 unlike nung last year talagang boom na boom siya. Panalo nga yung mga gumastos dyan nung nagsisimula palang itong P2E na ito. Malamang yung iba dyan nabenta na nila ang kanilang character ng mahal for sure. Sa ngayon naglalaro din naman ako nyan kaya medyo mahina pa ang character ko at ang plano ko na lang ay ilevel up ang character ko tapos pag umabot ng nag 100 level ibenta ko na ito ng 25-30k siempre dedepende yan sa PS at gamit ng player. Pero sa ngayon mukhang malayo pa ako dun dahil nasa level 55 palang ako tapos ps ko ay nsa 48k lang hehehe.

Bitcoin Forum / Re: When Bitcoin will reach $20000 again
« on: August 27, 2022, 05:58:49 PM »
As long as volatility is there, 20k$ each can be happen at any moment. But it could also spike its price value too at anytime soon, depending in the percentage of Buy and Sell I guess. Just like what is happening now, it decreased continously 2 days ago now, I don't know 8 hours from now it could up or it could go down more.

Terra LUNA Forum / Re: Luna can make a good come back.
« on: July 30, 2022, 08:47:08 AM »
I think the new face of the Terra projects, the rebranded token, that is, Terra classic may ignite good value within a short time. I am sure that the Terra classic will bounce hard to fully replace Luna coin, and very confidence that Luna coin may greatly dump and become useless; this could also pave way for more adoptions on the new Tarra classic version in near future.

From what I can see now with the new brand name of terra luna which is currently LUNC, its only move in the market in the future will probably be pump and dump, because after the controversial events, it will be really difficult for regain the trust of their community to increase its volume in the market again. Chances are this will be difficult for Terra classic.

Terra LUNA Forum / Re: The Rise of Terra (LUNA)
« on: July 30, 2022, 08:15:44 AM »
With the current movement of the price of luna in the market, I can't say that it can recover again like they had before. After the issues that happened and the scandal, it will be a little difficult for its founder and president to regain the trust that the community has given to this Luna token. Maybe the only thing that will happen here is a pump and dump, for the long term holdings, for me it s no longer good to hold in the long term.

pansin ko lang naman, Yun mga ibang lahi na andito sa forum like Russians, kahit hindi Naman kagandahan Yun mga post nila, andami parin nagbibigay ng karma sa kanila. Sa tingin ko, they support each other talaga. hindi sila masyado madamot to look for a very excellent post para magbigay ng karma.
Sana Naman we should lower our standard sometimes to help each other dito sa forum. Sino ba naman Ang magtutulungan kundi tayo tayo lang...

Medyo tama ka sa sinabi mo na ito sir, dapat tayong karamihan na pinoy dito sa forum na ito ay magtulungan talaga bilang mga pilipino. Kung worth it naman yung post ng sinuman sa atin ay bakit natin panghinayangan na magbigay ng Karma, sabi nga eh ang taong matulungin at maunawain at ay lalong pagpapalain ng my kapal. kung pede na nga lang ako magbigay ng karma ngayon, hindi ako manghihinayang na bigyan ka ng karma kahit mataas pa rank mo dito, kasi may sense naman ang post mo.


pamilyar ba kayo sa PAC TOKEN or PAC COIN noon ni Pacquiao ngayon meron na naman siya bago, non-fungible token NFT project yung "MPNFT" anung masasabi nyo dito mga sir mga kaibigan

Buong detalye:

Sa pagkakaalam ko yung una nyang nilaunch ang Gcox at sinundan nya ng PAC token ay hindi naman ito pumatok dito sa mundo ng cryptocurrency, tinangkilik lang siya nung time na kinakampanya palang siya dito pero kalaunan ay wala na, kung anu ang kinaingay nya nung simula nung 2019 to 2020 ay siya namang kinatahimik naman nya ngayon, partida sikat at popular pa si Paquiao nyan ah, so aking palagay kahit gumawa pa yan ng NFT hindi narin yan gaanong papatusin ng mga crypto enthisiast dahil ang trend ng NFT sa crypto ay tapos na ang season.

‘Bullish rate hike’ — Why crypto spiked today in the face of bad news

<p style="float:right; margin:0 0 10px 15px; width:240px;"></p><p>The Fed’s attempts to reel inflation in by increasing interest rates are usually associated with a pullback of investment activity across markets.</p>

Source: ‘Bullish rate hike’ — Why crypto spiked today in the face of bad news

Would appreciate your opinion about this

We know that when there is a bit of a problem with inflation the first thing that is immediately affected in this matter is the fiat currency which also causes the increase of other goods in the market, now what is happening with cryptocurrency like this with pumps and dump, I don't think it's because of inflation, but I don't think he's connected to that, it's according to my understanding here in this industry.

Cryptocurrency Trading / Re: Thoughts on Freelancing in Crypto?
« on: July 29, 2022, 07:50:54 AM »
When we say Freelancing, in my understanding you can do any sideline that you can earn depending on your ability and understanding of something you are going to enter such as cryptocurrency. We can generate income in different categories such as the so-called Bounties which are divided into different categories such as Translation campaign, Facebook campaign, Twitter campaign, signature campaign, Youtube campaign, Talegram campaign, Reddit campaign, and article campaign are only a few are carried out by freelancers and the last one is crypto trading.

Comment with the cryptocurrencies you have in your wallet and why you chose them  ??? EXCEPT SCAMMERS lol

Currently the altcoins I bought is MBET, its price is low and the volume can be said to be right but I see potential in the future so it is good to hold it for a long time like 3-5 years from now, this is the class of altcoins that I don't regret investing even if it's a small amount, try checking coinmarketcap to know what it means.

Cryptocurrency Trading / Re: Best Trading Rules Ever
« on: July 29, 2022, 07:27:09 AM »
Hello, Friend as we know that Trading is the Best option which will give us a Good Profit in a short period of time. So I want to tell you some Important rules of Trading.
    Never lose your Patience
    See the Market Carefully
    Make a Best Trading Plan
    Never Trade on one Coin
    Always Take a Risk which you can easily bear or afford
    Study the Market Deeply this will help you a lot to choose the right coin to trade
    Treat Trading Like a Business, not like a Hobby or a Job.
    Always Know that when you have to Stop Trading.
    I think that these Rules will help you for Trading.

Your advice and suggestions are good, but I want you to know that the experience of just learning here in crypto trading is different. Others who enter the world of crypto know a lot of theory but fail in experience so the result is that they cannot apply what they learned in theory in this industry in actual trading. So it's good to combine theory and experience in crypto trading.

Crypto Trading is more profitable than anything in the world.None of the pairs in the Forex market has gone up 120% in the past year but bitcoin has.
none of the Forex market pairs can even go up 200-500% in 3 days but altcoins can. it is depend on your experience. if you can find these things before hand and take advantage of the situation then you make profit if not you lose money.
if you make more profit with Forex then do that, if you make more with crypto currencies then trade them. it is based on the person who is trading and the experience they have in the said markets. What is your experience about it?

In my experience between crypto trading and forex trading, it is still better for me to do crypto trading compared to Forex, this is just for my own opinion, maybe for others Forex is better for them and for me it is no, it's just that it's easy to understand, and it's in accordance with my experience of several years in this industry.

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