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I am not a Trader,In fact I don’t trade too much time when I can only exchange currency for withdrawal then I only use trade.  But what do I need if I want to be a professional trader ??  How can I learn trading from beginning to end ??

You know, first of all, you don't need to be a professional trader just to make money here in the world of cryptocurrency Friends. I have been in this industry for many years but I cannot say that I am a professional trader. Because for me I still have a lot to learn here in the crypto business field I entered. But even if that's how I treat myself, no matter how I make money from trading, I'm not even an expert when it comes to analyzing and reading the chart 100%, I think I only know the basics, and that's all I use and do during my 7 years in this industry.

We All United Brings to Crypto World a Much-Needed Charity Vision


✅ Micro cap! Real gem 

✅ Honest team KYC

✅ Charity oriented

✅ Community driven

✅ 3 years locked LP



❖ Token Name: WE ALL UNITED

❖ Symbol: WAU

❖ Contract Address: 0xbE2e74309760B6B8e2D62bad4fC17B86ffb833a7

❖ Price: $0.000001675

❖ Market Cap: $1,211

❖ Launch date: May 24th, 2022


✅ Website:

✅ Twitter:

✅ Telegram:

✅ Chart View: 

We All United Brings To Crypto World A Much Needed Charity Vision

Everyone today is looking for a good and trustworthy project. People are afraid of scams, honeypots and rug pulls. In the crypto world of liars, frauds, scammers, and fake projects. We All United has emerged as an amazing, united, fun, friendly, engaging, respected, and helping community. Seeing is believing.

We All United is a blockchain charity project launched 2 months ago. We All United have their team members, directly working with people in need, all over the world. They have made remarkable progress and their team is growing strong, showing people’s trust in the project. What makes We All United unique is it is a genuinely decentralised community project. All tokens are released, only 1 BNB starting market cap, no investors before a presale, and no tokens being allocated or vested to the team. We All United is a real community project, built and supported by people.

We All United doesn’t claim to be different from others, nor wants to compete against other charity projects. They just want to add to the help and aid needed all over the world and they have something others lack, which is their honesty.

We All united doesn’t believe in fake marketing or promotions. What they believe in is working wholly to create something unique and engaging as a community creating organic growth, so everyone can benefit. We All United promises to create the most active and engaged community and to apply the best ideas to the project.

We All United has partnered up with Dex Tools, PooCoin, PancakeSwap, PinkSale, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. They will be partnering up with a whole bunch of brands very soon as well.

We All United cares. We All United gives.  We All United help.

This project is here to stay and will make a change.

Find We All United on:




Losing and winning is part of life, we should learn from our mistakes and not stop doing in the field in which we want to succeed, same applies to the crypto field if you want to be a successful crypto trader then you need to learn and correct your mistakes with patience.
Cardano Forum / Re: Is Cardano better than ethereum?
« Last post by lovesybitz on Today at 08:49:58 AM »
The case in favor of Cardano vs Ethereum

 Cardano uses a modification of the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm called Oroboros, which makes the network extremely scalable. At the same time, Ethereum is only planning to transit from the clunky Proof-of-Work to the faster, more energy-efficient Proof-of-Stake.

Source Link:

If we talk about the experience, I can say that ETH is superior here, and if we talk about the daily volume obtained in the market, Ethereum is still only leading compared to ADA, why?
According to my research through CMC, ETH has 16B$ plus volume per day or within 24 hrs While ADA has 895M$ plus based on CMC /currencies/Cardano/, now when it comes to which one will you earn more out of these two? I think I would prefer ADA(Cardano) the reason may be superficial for other members here but that's what I see and I think I'm right, that's just me. This is because its price is cheaper than ETH. Which, once the bull run starts again in the market there is a big chance for ADA to spike its price for sure.
Binance Smart Chain + Ecosystem / Re: How Binance helps Ukraine
« Last post by Fenix on Today at 08:44:15 AM »
Those who talk about compromises with Russia and the need to bring the leaders of Russia and Ukraine to the negotiating table do not understand the current situation and the level of threats that have come from Russia over the past few decades. Now a truce for Ukraine will mean a postponement of repeated aggression for several years, until Russia again resumes its military potential. In this war, Russia must be inflicted such a military defeat that for a long time she will be thrown out of the ranks of the most advanced countries. It seems that this is quite feasible with the help of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the help of the West and the United States.
NEM Forum / Re: NEM VS ETH
« Last post by rapheal on Today at 08:39:58 AM »
This coin cannot be compared with Ethereum. We can see that Ethereum is very much stronger coin than NEM. But one thing Ethereum gas fees is very high. NEM gas fees is very low.
Снова работаем!
Ethereum Forum / Re: Is Ethereum the next after Bitcoin?
« Last post by Fenix on Today at 08:29:25 AM »
ETH is the top coin and may be this coin will replace the Bitcoin but this is not possible because there is a big difference in their price BTC is on $21,000 and the eth is on $1200  but may be in the future it will replace and the ETH is the top coin in the crypto market.
Price is not an absolute indicator of popularity in this market. YFI once already rose above the price of bitcoin, but this did not affect the cryptocurrency market in any way. YFI is currently at position 101 on CoinMarketCap with a price above $11,000. The main indicator of a cryptocurrency is its capitalization, and in this regard, ethereum has every chance to overtake bitcoin over time. When this happens, then the price between them will not differ too sharply.
Basic Questions about Cryptos / Re: What is Bitcoin
« Last post by altsz on Today at 08:28:59 AM »
What is Bitcoin? This question remind me:
What is love?
Oh baby, don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
No more

Sorry, it made my happy XD

Polygon MATIC Forum / Re: What are the advantages of Polygon Matic ??
« Last post by lovesybitz on Today at 08:28:53 AM »
Lots of investors are now gathering to buy stocks of major coins that have Smart contracts for a bright process in the future, major coins like Ethereum, Binance, Solana, Polkadot, Matic, AVAX, HOO, Huobi Token.
But, does anyone in this forum know more about the advantages of the main Polygon Matic coin ??
Please explain with detailed specifications about the progress of Matic for the future !

This Polygon(Matic) is one of the favorites to hold long-term within 5 years from now. Because first of all I know that most crypto enthusiasts also know this, because apart from its low transaction fee, also when it comes to the top transaction speed of Polygon(Matic) per second is around 65k, just think about it in 1 minute it can make a transaction of 3.9M, how about in 1 hour it has a total of 234M which if we calculate in one day it has a total of 5.616B top speed transactions, that's Polygon.
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