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Author Topic: A Blockchain Powered AI Ecosystem for the Global AI Market  (Read 497 times)


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What Is WitLink?

WitLink is a blockchain-powered marketplace where professionals, AI trainers, students, and any AI enthusiasts can offer their services to enterprises.  The mission of WitLink is to develop a decentralized marketplace where artificial intelligence and machine learning experts can freely offer their services and make money in return. WitLink leverages open-source and decentralized networks to achieve this lofty idea.

WitLink's protocol will help technology companies and enterprises in general to tap into the global talent pool of AI and ML experts. As such, they will freely access AI solutions that are tailored to solve their business challenges. WitLink ecosystem consists of WitLink Marketplace, WitLink ready, WitLink Computing, and WitLink Learn.

WitLink has a token with the symbol "WAI." This token is the native currency that users can use to buy goods and services on the WitLink protocol. POS token holders will be rewarded with the WAI token for their activities on the WitLink platform. Plus, the token can be used to pay platform fees and other goods and services. Can also be used for investment purposes or to store value.

The WitLink Mission

WitLink aims to address the talent gap in the cutting-edge technology space, expensive and insecure computing resources, limited training programs for AI, ML aspirants and make AI experts/solutions/computing power readily available to enterprises of all sizes, correcting a culture where big tech firms control this field.

WitLink is revolutionizing the cloud computing industry through blockchain. They will provide a safe ecosystem where data confidentiality is highly respected, while lowering the cloud computing costs due to the decentralized network of the ecosystem. The scientific community is showing great interest in this project! Many confidential strategic partnerships are happening (research institutes, universities and large companies)
Their core pillars are: Decentralization, Confidentiality, High availability

WitLink shades light on launching its own NFTS at the end of its initial roll out letting its token holders to purchase its NFTs with its tokens which will be the first of its kind.

Be a Part of the Future with WitLink

Anyone can contribute to the WitLink project, either with know-how and expertise or with resources, mining, or staking tokens circulating in the ecosystem to fund the operations within all the actors.

Be a part of the future with WitLink. Register here to purchase tokens 👉


WitLink is featured on 👇

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