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Author Topic: Smart Inu Token - FEGex exchange  (Read 457 times)


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Smart Inu Token - FEGex exchange
« on: May 06, 2022, 01:13:51 PM »
Smart Inu - SINU!

Smart Inu (SINU) is a hyper-deflationary, community-driven cryptocurrency built on the BNB Smart Chain network via the SmartDeFi deployer. Our mission is to enable mass adoption for SmartDeFi technology. A project to show the world what SmartDeFi is made of.

We are a meme and proud, we are a strong community, and we have many utilities to offer. SINU will ensure that all great SmartDeFi projects are highlighted and supported throughout their journey in this ecosystem. We provide projects the tools and services they need to be successful, while enabling incentives for SINU holders.

We currently have 5 developers and about 15 moderators. The team is always growing and we are constantly expanding to add more team members!

All Links:

- SINU's Approvals: A consultation service we provide for any new projects looking to do a presale or launch on SmartDeFi. We have had many projects already go through consultation and many of them have had a lot of success! We really strive to bring education to the space and empower project leads with the knowledge they need to have a successful launch.

- SINU's List: A simple featured list of some of the great SmartDeFi tokens that have a great vision and are working on real utility. You may notice a few familiar ones there-

- SINU's Subs: Alert service for all SD tokens. Market alerts and baseline arbitrage. Accessible only by holding SINU. We are very close to finishing development of this service!

- SINU Stake: Revolutionary staking idea that will change the perception of how you can earn rewards in crypto, only made possible by SmartDeFi. We've kept the details under wraps to avoid being front-run on the idea! Development will be in full swing after SINU Subs.

- SINUX: SmartDeFi exchange. This will be an exchange for SD tokens only and will highlight some of the best projects in this space.

- SINUversity: Educational archive for SmartDeFi, trading, and markets!

- SINU sNFT & SINU Club in the metaverse: Down the road we will utilize sNFT technology when it is available (sNFT gives all the benefits of SmartDeFi to NFTs). The funds raised from the sNFT sales will go towards buying land in the metaverse for SINU holders to meet in. This is just for fun! We can host all our events there!

Telegram - @SmartInuChat

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have!

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Smart Inu Token - FEGex exchange
« on: May 06, 2022, 01:13:51 PM »


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