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Author Topic: [ANN] Kii: Utility Token for User-Owned Identity | Updated Public Sale Dates  (Read 287 times)


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The Kii Foundation, in partnership with NuID, is launching the identity utility token Kii ($Kii) on September 19th-23rd of 2022. Kii will be the transactional token at the root of NuID’s decentralized identity ecosystem that enables user-owned & user-controlled digital identity.

NuID is a technology partner of The Kii Foundation, and is known for building a trustless authentication solution for enterprises and developers. Their solution leverages zero knowledge proofs and distributed ledger technology, preventing the need for applications or platforms to store user login credentials server-side. When deployed, this protocol eliminates the risk of mass credential breaches.

NuID has built upon their existing authentication solution to launch development of the Nu Identity Ecosystem along with the identity-optimized KiiChain.

The decentralized ecosystem will include participation from services and individuals alike. Owning Kii will grant you access to this ecosystem, which will provide portable, frictionless, secure management and verification of digital identities. Identity on the internet as it exists now is composed of identity silos, with each platform requiring users to have a unique set of credentials.

The Nu Identity Ecosystem will eliminate these silos, as individuals will have portable identity verification that can be shared to any enterprise or platform that deploys the NuID trustless authentication solution: the first of many services in the ecosystem.

Individuals who own Kii can participate in the ecosystem, as Kii will pay the cost of registering credentials, issuing data attestations on a public blockchain, and paying for future identity-use cases.

Kii Details & Value Accrual:
Kii will be launched as an ERC20 token before migrating to the identity-optimized KiiChain in the near future.
Kii’s public sale price is $0.30 USD. You can request now to pre-purchase at $0.15 USD.
Owning Kii grants you access to the identity ecosystem, where individuals own and control their online identity without trusting services with their private information.
Demand for Kii comes from paying the cost of credential registration and paying for NuID’s existing trustless authentication solution.

How To Purchase:
Kii’s public offering is in September, and the Nu Identity Ecosystem & the KiiChain are in development. Find details on where and how to purchase Kii, or request to pre-purchase, at and their Telegram:

Find NuID at their website

In the press:

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