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Dear Members,

Every member should read rules before posting in any subforum.

Lately, there is a lot of karma removal requests and majority of this members are not eligible, have not enough points or clearly didn't bother to read the rules.
Something has to be done and that is why:

From now on I will punish with negative karma every member who will post in this court without reading all pinned posts first and clearly abuse or don't know the basic rules about it.

Court Subforum:
We have created the forum court to resolve problems related to karma and scam accusations.
However, it is not to be taken lightly, and please do not request a case for any reason.
If you have a lot of negative karma, it is most likely because:

1/ you didn't follow the rules about referrals or any other rules violation.
2/ you have been spamming.

Court rules:

In case you want to remove the negative karma you will need 400-1000 points for each karma removed.
Meaning: if i remove your negative karma i will also take your points; thus better start earning points.

You can open a case only if:
1- You suspect someone is targeting you, if we find that the same person gave you your negative karma your karma will be reset.

To reset your karma, first make sure you have enough points, then request karma reset by creating a new thread in this subforum.

Additionally you can open a case:
  • If you suspect someone is giving you negative karma repetitively
  • If someone scammed you or accused you of scam
  • Any other serious reason that require mediation
To open a court case:
1- You need to create a new post detailing your issue.
2- If the court find that you were wrong, you lose 1000 points.

3- Opening a case costs 100 - 1000 points.

If you got a lot of negative karma but court can't help and you still want to reset it somehow read this post:

Remove strikes, penalties and negative karma, the easiest way:

Hello, i have decided to put a price on your bad behavior ...
from now on, if you have a strike or a penalty and want it removed, not a problem but it will cost you.

please send the ALTS tokens to this address: 0x2143F7146F0AadC0F9d85ea98F23273Da0e002Ab

- Removing plagia strike: You lose half your points and you need to send 10 ALTS to the address above.
- Removing plagia penalty: You lose all your points and you need to send 50 ALTS to the address above.
- Removing negative karma: You lose some of your points and you need to send 3 ALTS/per negative karma to the address above.

Once transaction sent, pm me.

Please keep in mind that this only removes the strike, penalty or negative karma  / it does not prevent you from getting another.
Thus you better improve the behavior if you do not want to get again in a pickle.

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