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Title: Official 1.14 alpha 1 (Development) 🚀 🚀
Post by: sabbir2world on February 08, 2018, 07:18:21 pm
Thank you for your patience everyshibe,
I'm pleased to announce we have an official 1.14 alpha release:

It has known limitations that need to be addressed before a release version, in particular around the fee calculations, however it is ready for testing by a wider audience than the Dogecoin developers.

Important notes:

This is not a binary release, you must be comfortable compiling it yourself.
At the moment we expect to re-introduce the alert system into 1.14 before release, please disregard the release notes that discuss its deprecation/removal.
You should not use this with Dogecoin on the main network; it is intended for transactions on the testnet, and block verification/relaying on production. Please wait for a beta before using with real money.
Please do not mine on the production network with this release, as it would trigger a soft fork earlier than expected.
The key tasks before the final 1.14 release include:

Complete an audit of the RPC tests to identify why the remaining tests fail, and correct the test or code as applicable.
Update Gitian builds to support OS X
Re-introduce and test the alert system
Stress test the release on the test network
Forward compatibility tests with 1.15
Hopefully there will be no major bugs in this alpha and the next stage will be a beta/release candidate, once the issues above are addressed. Meanwhile, I hope this will encourage everyone that work is progressing, and we're close to a release.

Title: Re: Official 1.14 alpha 1 (Development) 🚀 🚀
Post by: donnyv68 on February 13, 2018, 11:40:33 am
nice project development