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🔹#Explorio (SPH) Decentralized Travel Reviews Platform
🔹Second airdrop = LIVE 😍
🔹100 free XPL tokens for joining on social media ➤ easy!

Claim airdrop https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/Explorio-Second-Airdrop … 🚀

🔹#Dominium (DOM) Decentralized, Regulated Property Financing & Management Platform
🔹25/100 DOM for joining airdrop
🔹Refer to earn more 😍

Claim airdrop https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/Dominium … 🚀

Dominium is being developed by a group of real estate professionals with industry experience dating back to 1833. Dominium runs property portfolios, funds and developments and has hundreds of millions of euros of assets under management. The Dominium platform is built on an Ardor childchain.

Dominium is airdropping 25 DOM (~€6,25) to individual accounts and 25 DOM for referring. Airdrop for company accounts is 100 DOM (~€25) and 100 DOM for referring other companies. Highest ICO token price: 1 DOM = 0,25 EURO

YourBlock is a fully Secure and Private Blockchain based Digital Filing Cabinet which enables the consumer to securely store, control and manage their data. Rated 4.2/5 by ICO Bench.

YourBlock is airdropping in round 3 10 YBK tokens (~€5) to airdrop participants and 5 YBK for every referral. ICO token price: 1 YBK = 0,50 EURO

All relevant links + info https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/yourblock-round-3

AirdropAlert / Usechain is airdropping 80 UST tokens + ref
« on: Today at 11:44:36 am »
Usechain is dedicated to developing the first mirror identity blockchain ecosystem. Usechain becomes the first public blockchain to be built on Mirror Identity Protocol and integrated with multi-level innovations in technology and structure design, which can be used to break the bottlenecks in the development process of blockchain, provide infrastructure of technology for the virtual and parallel world in the future, build an identity blockchain system built on a new technical structure etc. Rated 3,1/5 by ICO Bench.

Usechain is airdropping 80 UST tokens to airdrop participants and 40 UST for every referred friend. ICO token price: 1 BTC = 1000000 UST

All relevant links + info: https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/usechain-round-3

🔹#VantageToken (XVT) Donation Tracking Platform
🔹10 XVT for joining on social media channels
🔹Bonus of 10 XVT available!

Claim airdrop https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/vantage-token

Depository Network is the infrastructure needed for modern lending. It unleashes the true potential of digital assets by enabling traditional lenders to accept blockchain assets as collateral for loans.

Depository Network is airdropping up to 2500 DEPO tokens (~$50) to airdrop participants. ICO token price: 1 DEPO = 0,02 USD

All relevant links + info: https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/Depository-Network

🔹#BandZ (BNZ) Secure Global Extranet Powered by Blockchain
🔹120 BNZ for joining ➤ easy!
🔹Refer friends ➤ 20 BNZ for every referral 😍

Claim airdrop https://airdropalert.com/join/BandZ  🚀

BandZ is a global extranet project. The aim is to make enterprise-grade software products accessible and cheap to novice users in a decentralized and secure fashion. These products include: VPNs, mesh networking, remote proxies, bandwidth sharing/exchange, and more. BandZ Network is the protocol for the next wave of commercial, consumer-internet. This internet will be censorship-proof, internationally accessible, and financially self-sustaining.

BandZ is airdropping 120 BNZ (~$6) to airdrop participants and 20 BNZ (~$1) for every referral. ICO token price: 1 BandZ = 0,05 USD

Barrel helps companies buy, sell and analyze their user data legally at a fraction of the cost. Barrel protocol cleans user data of PII (personally-identifiable-information) using a proprietary Proof of Anonymization model.

Barrel is airdropping 20 BRN tokens to airdrop participants and 20 BRN for every referred friend up to 100 referrals. ICO token price is not announced.

All relevant links + info: https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/barrel

Round 2 is open for limited 10k people!

🔹#unitalent (TAT) Swiss Blockchain enabled Freelancing Platform
🔹Free TAT tokens just for joining Telegram 🤩
🔹Invite friends to earn more TAT

Claim airdrop https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/unitalent

unitalent is a Swiss blockchain enabled freelancing platform. It gives access to high-skill freelancers, allows direct peer-to-peer contracts between freelancers and corporate clients, and distributes project rewards transparently with smart contract secured transactions. unitalent is a highly scalable platform that will ease the transition to independent work, increase efficiency and is a win-win for workers, companies, and the economy. Rated 4,6/5 by ICO Bench.

unitalent is airdropping free TAT tokens to airdrop participants. Each participant will receive 1 stake for joining and 2 stakes for every referral. TAT tokens will be distributed evenly among all participants. ICO token price: 1 TAT = 0,20 USD

🔹#ProjectDressCode (DRESS) Blockchain-based Market for Limited Fashion
🔹40 DRESS tokens for joining
🔹Only to 3000 participants

Claim airdrop https://airdropalert.com/join/ProjectDressCode

ProjectDressCode is the first blockchain-based market for limited edition fashion, a live bid/ask marketplace. The technology will set trends for the fashion industry, decentralise its core businesses and create and maintain a community regulated ecosystem. The dresscode protocol supports both the originality of items on the other, all interwoven with simplicity, automation and a decentralised influence on the fashion community.

ProjectDressCode is airdropping 40 DRESS tokens (~$4) to the first 3000 airdrop participants. ICO token price: 1 DRESS = 0,10 USD

🔹ICO Review: https://www.airdropalert.com/icoreview/theres-a-golden-opportunity-in-digital-ip-assets
🔹Exclusive airdrop = still open for new participants!
🔹Refer friends ➤ more IPG tokens 😍

Claim airdrop https://airdropalert.com/join/ipgold  🚀

The IP Gold Ecosystem is a set of IP-based services, including email, online advertising, content publishing, proxy, VPN, cloud services, and more, that are monetized both simultaneously and in a one-to-one life-cycle that creates long-term retail and wholesale service revenues. IP Gold is rated 4,7/5 by ICO Bench.

IP Gold is airdropping 5 IPG (~$5) for joining and 1 IPG (~$1) for every referral!. ICO token price: 1 IPG = 1 USD

Provoco is a platform that allows users to earn money for being adventurous. It is a social challenge network built on the Ethereum blockchain. Rated 4,4/5 by ICO Bench.

Provoco is airdropping up to 150 VOCO tokens (~$7,50) to airdrop participants and 25 VOCO per referral. ICO token price: 1 VOCO = 0,05 USD.

🔹#Provoco ➤ https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/provoco

AirdropAlert / Tuurnt is airdropping 100 TRT (~$10) tokens
« on: June 19, 2018, 11:03:09 am »
Tuurnt creates a close-knit community of hosts and partygoers. Tuurnt rewards partygoers for attending parties and hosts will have bonus tokens when they reach a certain number of positive reviews milestone. Rated 4,1/5 by Track ICO.

Tuurnt is airdropping 100 TRT (~$10) tokens to airdrop participants. ICO token price: 1 TRT = 0,1 USD

🔹#Tuurnt ➤ https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/Tuurnt

UPDATE CrowdIF added a contest to their existing $10 airdrop. All participants now also have a chance to win: 1 + 0,5 + 0,5 ETH worth of CIF tokens. If you joined before, make sure to complete steps 3 and 4 to be eligible for the contest!

CrowdIF is a crypto trading platform that aims to maximize trading profitability in cryptocurrency markets. CrowdIF is a first-of-its-kind crypto trading platform which is capable of objectively gathering something as abstract as market sentiment and quantify it - The SentimentScoreTM.

CrowdIF is airdropping $10 in CIF tokens to airdrop participants. All participants now also have a chance to win: 1 ETH, 0,5 ETH & 0,5 ETH worth of CIF tokens.  ICO token price: 1 CIF = 0,80 USD

🔹NEW 👉Chance to win 1 + 0,5 + 0,5 ETH 👈
🔹If you joined before, complete the NEW steps to be eligible for contest
🔹+ get $10 just for signing up!

Claim airdrop https://airdropalert.com/airdrop/CrowdIF  🚀

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