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No one except God knows the future and I don't think there is any particular season when one should hold Bitcoin. However, seeing past trends in past, we might be able to deduce that there is a possibility of a bull run in the upcoming months, just like there was after few months of last bitcoin halvings. So, if you buy now, you might be able to make some profits in upcoming months but then again, not certain. :D
Binance / Re: Binance 200 million registered users worldwide
« Last post by joniboini on Today at 06:16:57 AM »
Other reports suggest that we have around 500 million crypto users globally, not surprised if the numbers reported by Binance are correct. Although we can't verify and be sure that they don't count an account with a $1 balance as active users to skew the conclusion. I no longer use their exchange regularly and failed to do their KYC check after they reminded me multiple times. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who does this.

I still always use Binance as the main CEX and have no plans to give up Binance to go to another CEX or just use DEX to trade and invest.
I believe it's not a wise choice to trust them blindly though. They're still an exchange at the end of the day, and making sure they stay on the line is a must if you like them for one reason or another There's no harm in looking for alternatives, especially if they behave weirdly. CMIIW.
Hopefully it will meet the high expectations I have for a game of this genre. Have you guys heard of this project? I'd appreciate some more info and you guys can also drop which niche you like best in the crypto space.

Actually this is my first time to be hearing on this GameFi project which I am sure you found to have one of the best features available since you are enticed of it. I am not anymore into P2E after losing some money during its height of popularity - in the Axie Infinity era - where many scumbags also rode the trend and made their money out of eager investors so willing to throw money away with the hope of earning more back. I am just curious...what are the expectations you set for this GameFi that you are set to be supporting?

harapannya sih begitu om. kalau BTC harganya naik setelah itu akan ada altcoins season
bagi yang sudah banyak altcoins biar bisa panen
melihat pergerakan btc saat ini emang masih ada di pola yang sama, kalaupun mau jatuh semoga tidak terlalu jauh
masih ada waktu yang cukup untuk mengkalkulasi
Kira-kira butuh naik ke angka berapa BTC nya supaya bisa altcoins season, Om?
Belum tentu juga bisa panen altcoins walaupun akan ada altcoins season. Setau saya tidak semua altcoins bisa too the moon saat altcoins season, beberapa altcoins mungkin saja tidak bergerak seperti harapan.

BTW pergerakan BTC sepertinya masih tertahan di $71k, belum mampu menembus resisten di $72k. Sepertinya masih ada potensi bisa balik ke $60k lagi walaupun bisa saja tetap bertahan di atas $65k. DWYOR
sepertinya susah menebaknya gan, pada harga berapa akan bisa terwujud hal itu, tetapi mungkin prediksi tahun 2021 yang ingin menyentuh $100K, apakah mungkin atau justru lebih dan bisa juga kurang.
kalau soal panen juga kesiapan perorangan dalam menyimpan investasinya dimana, bisa saja altcoin yang dipegang tidak memberikan kejutan yang luar biasa dan hanya naik sekedarnya.
untuk itu harus juga mencermati pergerakan altcoin yang memang telah kita pegang semoga menghasilkan dengan baik dan tidak mengecewakan.

setelah halving memang sepertinya BTC tidak melakukan pergerakan yang bisa memberikan kontribusi positip untuk kedepannya, atau memang masih belum bisa dilakukan jadi masih harus bersabar juga untuk itu. semua kemungkinan akan bisa terjadi tetapi mungkin tidak mengejutkan.

It could be that a signal of an experiment was carried out in Hong Kong which is still under their authority, and they will see the prospects of what has been done in Hong Kong, whether they will be able to make a contribution and at least be able to provide encouragement to their community there to ask the government to accept crypto again.
It's true, they have difficulty being able to exercise control over crypto, so as the largest economic power, they really want to be able to do that, and it's impossible to do, but they inevitably have to open themselves up to crypto developments, and they clearly don't want to be left behind.
If they want to open themselves up to crypto, it is not impossible that the crypto market will become enthusiastic again and this cannot be avoided.
If the experiment in Hong Kong is successful, of course it will make other countries follow suit, crypto, especially bitcoin, is very popular now. Even though no one can control Bitcoin, we know Bitcoin is progress that we must accept, no one can reject technological progress.
General Discussion / Re: Should video games be considered a sport?
« Last post by yohananaomi on Today at 05:44:15 AM »
What about esport then? All those DotA, Counter-Strike and sport related video games. People really spend lot of time training, have competitions with prizes, champions. If you google the word sport, you will get Sport is a form of physical activity or game. Often competitive and organized, sports use, maintain, or improve physical ability and skills. Perfect description of what people do behind pc or console while playing. If we measure sport that is something where physical activity is used, then they use finger muscles and get tired to play. Also a 100% hit.

Sports are physical activities. Video games don't make you get tired physically nor require strength or physicality. You can't get injured from playing video games.
The difference is clear.
While the definition of sports based on a quick google search is "competitive physical activities or games", there's a thing called E-sports right now, and until now, it's still debatable if E-sports can be considered a form of sport or not.

Well, there are some institutions that consider E-sports as a form of sport already, so I guess we can change the definition of sport now? :D I'm a bit bias on this one because I'm a gamer and I spend hours playing online games.
If you base it on what you get from Google, it will certainly be inappropriate and give the impression that E-sports is not included, but perhaps the explanation now is different and seems even broader.
Because if we want to see in Southeast Asia, E-sports has entered the officially recognized sports calendar and has the same position as other sports. So you don't need to be discouraged that one day everyone will be able to accept it as a sport in general, it really needs widespread recognition.
Cryptocurrency discussions / Re: Do you still believe in old coins?
« Last post by doc on Today at 05:37:51 AM »

Every new or old project that produces coins/tokens is of course determined by how big their role is in getting many investors interested in releasing their funds, so that they can contribute to further development. In the next stage, I agree that the role of the community is very important to be able to always make a big contribution to the trading that can be done, without their role everything would not be able to run and result in prices dropping and many investors leaving, making coins/tokens worthless and disappeared from exchange.
Peran masyarakat sangat penting pada suatu proyek baru, karena kita tau proyek baru membutuhkan popularitas, Semakin populer dan banyak pengguna proyek tersebut akan bertahan, dan juga akan meningkatkan permintaan dan koin tersebut. makanya adanya promosi di media sosial tentang proyek dan koin yang sedang diluncurkan.
Bitcoin Forum / Re: [Speculation] Will Bitcoin breach $100k this month?
« Last post by Rubel007 on Today at 05:29:11 AM »
It seems that Bitcoin has struggled and been corrected for almost a month, but in my opinion Bitcoin still has the ability to rise more than the previous ATH. It's just a matter of waiting, and we also know that news wars also affect crypto prices
It's true, as you have seen, the price of bitcoin has been going down for too long, if there is no good news that can trigger an increase in the price of bitcoin, it is likely that the price of bitcoin will collapse again and more and more people will sell bitcoin at low prices because many will panic.
Bitcoin is still stagnant, this is normal after halving there is always a long correction that makes the price go sideways, you don't panic too much let them sell because they can't wait for the pump then I will continue to accumulate while the price is still low even though it is now said to be high.

Maybe many are tired of HODL where when halving nothing happens, I don't think about that but the future and patience are important where never panic or sell when prices are still low.
When the market is quickly bullish, the market is in a stable phase through that correction. Demand for Bitcoin is steadily increasing, so it is not unreasonable to expect its highest value. We have already managed to cross the former all time high. We expect Bitcoin to cross 100k price in next few days. Although this will not happen within this month because the market has not gained that confidence yet, we can expect something similar in the next few months.
Crypto Exchanges / Re: Exchange vs wallet tokens. Your preference
« Last post by joniboini on Today at 05:24:37 AM »
But it turns out it wasn't there and only half of it, I had some BWB from the Airdrop Event and also took part in the Pre-sale. Actually I have made a profit, but just not according to predictions. Hopefully this BWB price is good, and can continue to rise.
It's always a good thing to set your target conservatively. Especially if your token has airdrop, pre-sale with multiple rounds, contests, etc. As long as you made a decent profit from that, you can get back your capital and focus on trading them without any attachments. I've participated in some launchpads and airdrops and most of them underdeliver too, especially if there's no hype from social media to pump the price beforehand. I don't think exchange or wallet tokens will be immune to this.
Yes of course people knows about the usefulness of bitcoin currently than before when it has no popularity and exposure, currently the visibility of bitcoin to the entire globe can never be quantified or messured unlike before and today more people venture into bitcoin with regret because since then they never believed that bitcoin could be this known as a global currency. Lot of people wished they could turned back the hand of time to let them accumulates enough volume of Bitcoin without knowing it can never be possible except they engages themselves with DCA and watch out the market to buy when there is serious dump on bitcoin price.

They should not regret it. Everyone does not have coding skills or analysis skills. People had to research and understand many things before they started using bitcoin before. A Bitcoin user had to have a personal computer and run a Bitcoin node to start using Bitcoin back in the old days. Now it is super easy. We can just install an app from the Play Store, generate a seed phrase and then start using Bitcoin. But old timers had to struggle.

But, it is true that a to of people had a chance to buy Bitcoin from the 300 USD range when it was already proved that Bitcoin has potential. I was student without any Job when Bitcoin first touched 17K and a couple of months later, Bitcoin was down back to 3K again. Still people did not bought bitcoin. Which they may regret.
Actually, many people regret why they didn't buy bitcoin when the price was still cheap, this is natural because there are still doubts and fears, so they don't have the courage to buy. The ones who win are those who have good analysis at that time and have bought Bitcoin, the profits they get will definitely be big.
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