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‼️Free TON House magazine is looking for experienced authors, translators and crypto industry experts!

📈FreeTON.House is a media that covers Free TON and other blockchains news in 4 languages.

Our team consists of professional editors, technical specialists, authors and translators.
❓What authors are we looking for?

-Understanding how the ecosystem of Free TON or another blockchain works.
-Understanding trends in the crypto industry.


[-Writing structured texts.
-Good literary style.
-The level of English for working with sources (at least B2).

❓What kind of experts do we need?

-Understanding how the ecosystem of Free TON or another blockchain works.
-Understanding the technologies of the decentralized Internet.
-Understanding crypto industry trends.

-Analysis of sources and selection of important information.
-Formulation of tasks for authors.
-Expert analysis of finished articles.

❓What do we want from translators?

Translation: from Russian or English
Languages: Spanish or French
Level: native speaker, for foreigners - from C1

Want to try?👉

Write in Telegram:
Ekaterina @kate_fth
Dmitry @YellowHatTaoist
Bitcoin Forum / Re: Is Amazon Now Affecting Bitcoin?
« Last post by Alcor on Today at 12:26:13 AM »
This is not excluded. Amazon may add bitcoin and some of the top coins in the future for use as a means of payment. Everything will depend on the growth rate of the popularity of the cryptocurrency. Amazon is not risking anything from this, they will only deduct certain interest for the use of their payment and other cards.
Bitcoin Forum / Re: Your Opinion about El Salvador Bitcoin adoption
« Last post by Alcor on Today at 12:17:50 AM »
Bitcoin - like clean water, good roads, or a solid power grid - is for anyone ... Governments can help accelerate construction of that infrastructure, and so create new opportunities for prosperity and financial inclusion.
Governments will not take steps to create or expand the infrastructure for the circulation of bitcoin or other decentralized cryptocurrency. In fact, they do not need cryptocurrency and they will use every opportunity to spread negative information about it. So far, they have been hostile to cryptocurrency, allegedly due to the fact that, in their opinion, it is widely used for criminal purposes, including for laundering dirty money and financing terrorism. Recently, they have picked up the words of Elon Musk that cryptocurrency, and in particular, bitcoin, uses a lot of energy and, moreover, energy with a carbohydrate trace.
Governments will issue their centralized digital money and cryptocurrency will be considered by them only as competitors in the world of finance.
Altcoins & Cryptocurrencies discussions / Re: Are you buying now?
« Last post by gotbounty on July 27, 2021, 11:59:21 PM »
I rarely buy in the last few weeks. I saw the market situation is not really good. I think we need to analyze what will happen in crypto market in the near future. If there is no possibility of a good thing in crypto, it is better to keep our money in USDT. Don't buy at a bad time since it is too risky.
Because mostly altcoins are following the trend in Bitcoin, so for another altcoin season we need a pump on BTC price. It is very difficult to have altcoin season if people think badly about Bitcoin. It is sure to have big impact on altcoins, people will be afraid to buy altcoins if no good news in Bitcoin as well.
You are correct and also we know that without Bitcoin whole crypto market is totally valueless. All crypto market always depend of bitcoin price when bitcoin is Pump then all market colour is Green and when Bitcoin price is Down, then all altcoin price is too much down.
It is hardly worth arguing that altcoins are completely useless without bitcoin. If Bitcoin suddenly disappears, altcoins will continue to exist without any problems. The popularity of bitcoin is still based on the ability of bitcoin to grow in price. However, this will not last too long. There is already a problem with the price growth of bitcoin. If bitcoin drops in price several more times after the next price surges, fewer and fewer investors will want to buy it during the period of its price increase. You will have to rely only on beginners, who will gradually also learn not to lose their investments. It seems that the price of bitcoin is even about a million dollars and more, this is just a beautiful fairy tale.
The cryptocurrency market is developing rapidly and it develops practically at the expense of altcoins. There is no experience of possible scenarios for the development of further events. However, it is better to follow the general rules for all markets and not put eggs in one basket, even if it is Bitcoin.
Kripto berita dan diskusi (Bahasa Indonesia) / Re: Mining dilarang???
« Last post by debra on July 27, 2021, 11:54:04 PM »
Di beberapa negara, aktivita mining dilarang karena memang menghabiskan energi yang cukup banyak dan juga memberi pengaruh terhadap lingkiungan. terlebih lagi, beberapa aktivitas mining dilakukan secara ilegal di beberapa negara, dengan mencuri sumber energi listrik, sehingga menimbulkan kerugian yang beasar bagi sebuah negara.
Jadi inilah yang sekarang dan dari dulu menjadi kendala mining
kalo yang di ceritakan tentang kerugian ya sama saja dengan mengeluh. Hehe
Tergantung dengan tujuannya. Kalau tujuannya untuk mengedukasi, saya rasa itu bukan mengeluh. Setau saya, yang namanya mengeluh itu mirip dengan menyesali. Tapi kalau cara penyampaian dan tujuannya juga positif, saya bilang itu bukan mengeluh. Memang gak ada batasan jelas tentang definisi mengeluh, tapi saya kira itu konotasinya negatif.

What is happening?
See, we are still in the bearish market. When we see the price of Bitcoin, it is still not able to reach the higher price again every day. It always rises up and falls down every day.
And about the altcoins, only game coins that are rising up very significantly right now.
Bitcoin Forum / Re: BTC Market Down? Any Specific Reason?
« Last post by I-Bit on July 27, 2021, 11:50:11 PM »
The reason is clear enough, the demand in crypto market is decreasing. What makes the demand decrease? I think there are many factors, it can be manipulation by whales or the interest of people to buy is no longer high. People may be afraid to put their money in crypto investment after many bad news about crypto as well.
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