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My suggestion is that you should create second round of testing review after you finish fixing bugs and correcting reported issues.
This is a good suggestion. Funny enough, I did miss this review. I am just seeing it today which is the last day of the review. It will be fine if you can launch the second phase to ensure everything is damn cool.

Yes, it would be an additional plus for us.
By the end of this year, most of us would have witnessed the new all time of bitcoin market price above hundred thousand dollars, because we are in the post halving market experience and the rise becomes unpredictable the more as the supply and demand on bitcoin continues to change also, going by the past record and performances of bitcoin at its post halving market performance, we could clearly depict the fact that we are fast approaching when the new all time highs will keep unfolding anytime from now.
Bitcoin Forum / Re: Don't forget to HODL your BTC!
« Last post by taufik123 on Today at 10:57:51 PM »
Always be careful in managing your assets because there are a lot of hackers outside and only many scammers who spread pishing to take our set. We recommend that our wallet that we use to store large assets do not be connected to it. When we participate in airdrop or whatever use a new wallet that is safe and do not use our main wallet.
The use of a new wallet is highly recommended when it comes to airdrops as it will interact with a lot of Dapss etc.
Now it's very scary, many sophisticated methods that scammers use to hack someone's wallet.

There are more phishing and other malicious programs, so this is also my current concern.
I only put the main asset in the Hardware wallet for better double security, avoiding exposure to ransomware, phishing etc and not always connected to the internet.
Trusting these influencers is like wasting your own money with your own hands. These kinds of influencers do want to benefit from their traffic, but they want to utilize the public for their own interests. They give false predictions about coins, and the public starts investing in these coins without any research because they trust them. The public needs to understand that these influencers are paid for promotions, so don't listen to their false predictions. Instead, use your own mind, as God has given it to you, and do the right things. Stop depending on other brains.
No doubt, trust the content creator's advice the same with wasting our money and how much out time loss by watching their nonsense about cryptocurrency.
I believe the decision of content creator how to make engagement and their content get higher traffic, they not care about what did said its true or related about cryptocurrency or not.
Many content creator currently as hype moment awhile, when bitcoin success break out the new higher price many attend or content creator discussing about cryptocurrency on their channel but most of them lack knowledge about cryptocurrency before.
Talk about defense. Real Madrid has set Alexander-Arnold as a long-term replacement for Dani Carvajal but no news.
What happens?
according to the sun alexander-arnold is now is set to extend in liverpool

it is now speculated that achraf hakimi can be the new right back as he will become a free agent by 2026 if he decides to not extend with PSG however manchester city seems to be interested in him as well

it will be interesting to see where he goes since he played his youth with real madrid
So, this is what is currently being discussed a lot regarding the transfer which is reportedly being planned by Real Madrid to prepare a replacement for Carvajal. Previously, Arnold was on Real Madrid's radar, but if he extended his contract with Liverpool, that would wipe out Real Madrid's chances.

Currently, the position occupied by Carvajal is being paid a lot of attention, not because Carvajal is playing badly, but it is to prepare for Real Madrid's future, because Carvajal is quite old.

Not just Carvajal's position needs to paid attention to by Real Madrid, I think most of their options at the backline need proper back up since Camavinga and Valverde will be more of taking up midfield duties, they'll need proper fullback and one or two more CB alternatives too, Alaba and Militao are having quite some injury troubles and they'll need consistency in their defense in order to defend both their La Liga and UCL titles when the season gets underway.
Match is over Manchester City 3 - 4 Celtic
Yesterday Liverpool and now Man City were beaten by small clubs in a friendly match. Yes, this is just a friendly match, so the efforts will also be very different from real matches. It seems like it's no longer a secret that for friendly matches like this, top high school clubs don't show their optimal performance at all. There are several pretty strong reasons. However, what matters most is the concern regarding players getting injured if they are too persistent throughout the friendly match, whereas they will not see any points here.

But it could be that Man City was also quite shocked by the result, because they didn't expect that their opponents would survive and even be that far ahead.
As at this time we are, we should expect for more market volatility and new all time as well before the end of the year, bitcoin should get close to $100,000 if not more than by the end of the year, this is very sure to see happened, but we may not only know the exact time for the occurrence, but only those who are willing to hold on their investment asset will partake of this great opportunity that lies ahead.
We are still in a bull market. So we cannot give up hope yet. Moreover, there was a possibility of a bull market after Halving happened. So far the highest all time high of Bitcoin is 73k and the current price of Bitcoin is 65k. As such we are not far away from a new record. A new all-time high record won't be difficult if the price of Bitcoin rises only 12 percent from current levels. We can expect a new ATH to be built within the next few months.
Why not of course, it is possible for us to see a new ATH this year because $73k will be broken since the price of bitcoin have started pumping again even though it is not fast. We might not see the new ATH price that wl be recorded in this circle this year but bitcoin will break $73k price to $85k this year. This is just my own speculation.
I see Telegram wallet as a wallet that should be avoided by investors because the wallet is not from Telegram themselves but a third-party and it is like an exchange account to me because no self custody wallet will give discount or bonus for sending funds through their wallet. The way you threat exchanges should be the same way that you treat this Telegram wallet. Get a noncustodial wallet that is open source and keep your bitcoin safe.
Its the same function based on your explain about Telegram wallet is the third party not recommended for long term holding assets how to secure our assets keep safety, but easily telegram account banned and not way back to recovery I think big risk when holding or store cryptocurrency assets in telegram wallet. First time I used telegram wallet when TON launch their coins but not hold in telegram wallet.
Not matter make trading with telegram wallet in Ton network but you must withdraw to your own wallet if long term holding or use exchange wallet if want convert to be fiat assets.
Cryptocurrency Trading / Re: How do you trade a Bearish Market?
« Last post by UNIVERSE on Today at 10:46:20 PM »
Investing during a bearish period can be challenging, we have to use strategies to protect our investment like short selling where we sell coins at the current price and then buy them back at a lower price to earn a profit. In a put option, we get a fixed price for the coin we buy.
We are discussing about trading, why you explain 'investment'?
If you invest in bearish season, it must be the right decision. In the bearish season, the prices of most crypto coins are very cheap. We can get the best entry in bearish season. When you invest, you should plan for a long time. It is not the same as trading that you will plan to take profits in a short time.

The best strategy when trading on bear market period is going 'short'.
What do you mean?
If you are trading, you must prefer to get profits in a short time.
If you are holding the coins for a long time, it means you are investing in crypto coins.

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