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Author Topic: Bopensea  (Read 289 times)


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« on: March 14, 2021, 07:44:34 AM »
It's the forked version of Opensea on Binance Smart Chain. Started using it to bid on bashmasks (the forked version of hashmasks) and no complaints. It all generally reminds me of playing crypto kitties in 2018 when transaction costs only around $0.30 per bid, it's cheap and affordable  :)

(This is not an endorsement of Bopensea or Hashmasks artwork which both are extremely new)

See instead:

Hey guys, there have been numerous requests for additional features to add to Bopensea, all of which are important and would improve the user-experience of the marketplace. We only initially launched Bopensea to fill a gap in the market, as the Bashmask and Bunk communities had nowhere to buy and sell their NFTs. We were glad to do so, and have been touched by your appreciation of our efforts so far. We know we have been far from perfect!

Rather than scaling up Bopensea further (getting into the exchange business is rather outside the scope of our skillsets), we’re going to be taking a step back from it. However (Good news!), we came into contact with a venture-backed NFT marketplace that is launching this week,, and are really impressed with their marketplace.

We’ve already reached out to them and negotiated for Bashmasks and Bunks to be two of their promoted launch collections (they are multi-chain and support both ETH and BSC). Their marketplace is going to be SICK, and since they have a lot larger team designed specifically for this product, they are going to be able to include a lot more functionality into than we would’ve been able to on Bopensea. All your latest requests: sales history, “buy now,” better filters, should be live on from the launch, with more features (like auctions) coming soon afterwards. They will also be supporting additional projects (like waifus) which means more eyes on Bashmasks, and it is non-custodial--no more locking up your BNB into the contract. Now you can use the same 1 BNB to bid on 5 different masks.

We strongly feel like the Bashmask community will be better served on Whalecrate than we have been doing or would be able to do through Bopensea. That said we think Bopensea had a good run, and we’re thankful for each of you who helped bug test it! My team and I are proud of what we accomplished.

After goes live (we are told they plan to go live today!” we will begin winding down Bopensea in an orderly fashion.  I want to clarify that we aren’t leaving Bashmasks. Actually, this will give us more time to look into your bashmask-specific support requests as we won’t be split focused with Bopensea. I know I have a few of you waiting, and appreciate your patience.

I don’t know what time they go live today, but will pass on any updates they give to me.

Source: Telegram
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