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Author Topic: Here is the reason for choosing PancakeBunny at first place..  (Read 609 times)

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Nowadays, everyone wants to join yield farming, specially on those projects which are running in BSC. Like other yield farmers, i tried so many yield farming platform and some projects give me huge profits and some projects disappointed me at lot. But i'm still with few projects and pancakebunny is one of them. So i'm sharing my experience about this and how i get huge return from it with high risk. Yes, it's obviously with high risk.

Story for choosing Pancakebunny
When bsc hype was started, everyone was busy with pancakeswap, bakeryswap or autofarm and those platforms is still famous in this field. As everyone was into those platfarms, i started to hunt for a platform which isn't qutie popular yet. In that meantime, i findout pancakebunny where i saw that i get auto compound my cake+bunny by staking my cake which is great and it's just like autofarm where we can auto compound 2 gems at once. So, i start with 24 cakes and after weeks, i'm able to make it upto 28.45 cake at this moment. Also, get more than $100+ worth of Bunny with that.  ;D

Here is my strategy for Pancakebunny
(1) I staked Cake for farming and wait for a reward of 0.5 cake as well as Bunny tokens according to APY.
(2) When my rewards touched 0.5 cake as well as some bunny according to APY, i claim my rewards by paying the claiming fees.
(3) I again re-staked my Cake for compounding and stake bunny token into the Bunny pool where i'll get Bunny for staking Bunny and APY is quite high and profitable.
(4) Again repeat everything.

Risk of using PancakeBunny
Every defi projects might be exploited or drained by hacker if there is any bugs on the smart contract. So, pancakebunny is also a defi project and there might be a chance of it. If that's happened, we'll lose everyhting which is staked by us into that projects. Also there is a fee of 0.5% if anyone wish to withdraw your funds within 3 days of staking.

That's it fellow forum users. let me know if you have any experience with pancakebunny.  ;)
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