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Author Topic: ENVELOP — is a cross-chain protocol to provide NFT with real value.  (Read 173 times)


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ENVELOP — is a cross-chain protocol to provide NFT with real value. Make your NFT valuable. Just protocol. No hype.

What are the features of ENVELOP (NIFTSY)?

🏆 NFT markets within a single application. So, all the marketplaces that are connected to ENVELOP are available to work with them without having to constantly switch.

⚙️ Creating and configuring your own NFT. Add tokens and cryptocurrencies, make a lock or liquidity pools, as well as a percentage of royalties, and later send the whole lot in a single piece

🔗 Cross-chain and tokenization. With the help of ENVELOP, you can turn any object, both physical and digital, as well as any financial assets into a token and trade them using a cross-chain.

💰 Discover the price. The oracle will help you set the right going price for your NFT in case you have doubts about the price tag

⛏ Index monitors the market activity from different sources, providing an objective picture of the market in real time

❓ What are the use cases of the platform?

🔹 The creators set their own rules, including pools, collateral and royalties.
🔹 Holders receive a guarantee that their asset will grow in price.
🔹 Faster trades are provided for traders than on other platforms.
🔹 If you are a game developer, then the platform will also provide you with an opportunity for creativity.
🔹 The universe itself will be able to set up royalties. Users can create cases themselves, further expanding the metaverse.
🔹 The ability to receive royalties from wrapped NFTs and to sell NFTs at a higher price. New functionality for the users.

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