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Author Topic: Scroll Pre-alpha Testnet - Step by step for participations.  (Read 9009 times)


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Scroll Pre-alpha Testnet - Step by step for participations.
« on: November 28, 2022, 12:11:18 PM »

What is Scroll?

Scroll is a fully EVM-Equivalent zk-Rollup built to scale the Ethereum network. Our goal is to provide users with near instant and cost efficient transactions while also upholding the high security properties offered by the Ethereum network. We have a variety of educational resources that are accessible through our official website.

Welcome to Scroll's Pre-Alpha Testnet!

The Pre-Alpha Testnet consists of Scroll L1 and Scroll L2 test network (a fork of Ethereum utilizing a PoA-based consensus, and a zero-knowledge rollup testnet deployed on top of the former). There are some pre-deployed demo applications: a faucet on Scroll L1, a bridge between Scroll L1 and Scroll L2 based on the Hop Exchange UI, a fork of Uniswap V2 running on Scroll L2, block explorers for both Scroll L1 and L2 using Blockscout, and a rollup explorer.

Step by step, let's proceed to the TestNet.

[ 1 ]

Add the Pre-Alpha Testnet configurations to your wallet.

[ 2 ]

Receive test tokens in the Scroll L1 network from the Faucet app.

[ 3 ]

Transfer test tokens from Scroll L1 to Scroll L2 through the Bridge

[ 4 ]

Transfer tokens to other wallets on Scroll L2 using your wallet.

[ 5 ]

Swap tokens and provide liquidity in the Swap app.

[ 6 ]

View the status of transactions and blocks in the Scroll L1 & L2 Block Explorers and the Rollup Explorer.

[ 7 ]

Withdraw tokens from Scroll L2 to Scroll L1 through the Bridge app.

Thank you for testing out our Pre-Alpha Testnet. If you have questions or want to give feedback, join our Discordм - or fill out the feedback form -

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Scroll Pre-alpha Testnet - Step by step for participations.
« on: November 28, 2022, 12:11:18 PM »


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