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Author Topic: EtherMail Future Airdrop Guide — Step by step.  (Read 4035 times)


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EtherMail Future Airdrop Guide — Step by step.
« on: July 25, 2023, 12:13:28 PM »

EtherMail Future Airdrop Guide — Step by step.

EtherMail is the first Web 3.0 email solution, setting the standard for anonymous and encrypted communication between wallets.

The EtherMail solution brings users and companies together through incentive alignment, guided by the following principles:

# Anonymous communication;
# Users should be compensated in proportion to how valuable they are to advertisers;
# Users should be able to freely communicate with each other.

The EtherMail solution allows advertisers and users to collectively deliver high quality email marketing and communication experiences where both parties know what they are getting from each other.


Based on the results of two rounds of fundraising, the project raised $7 million in investment. Details can be found in this article.


The 7 million dollars of investments attracted they attracted two rounds indicate that the project is of interest to investors and has growth prospects and demand in the future. In order to participate, you need to register an email account. You will receive 225 EMC tokens for registering an email account, and 250 EMC will be awarded for referring friends.

Also, for each message sent, 1 EMC token will be transferred to the account balance, after a TGE takes place, these tokens will be converted into the native $EMT token.

Signing up

Visit and click “Sign up for Free”;

Connect your Metamask wallet and sign the transaction in the wallet;

Click “Next”;
Enter a secondary email address and click “Next”;
Done, you should have received 200 EMC for signing up;
Next, proceed to the next step by clicking “Go to inbox”;
Now you need to activate Thor Protocol by clicking “Retrieve Encryption Keys”;
Verifying your account
Verify your account by clicking “click to request verification” or using a mobile wallet by clicking “verify by SMS”;
Wait for verification.

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EtherMail Future Airdrop Guide — Step by step.
« on: July 25, 2023, 12:13:28 PM »


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