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Hello Admin!
Please, I request you teleport my BTT account here in Altcoinstaks.

Bitcointalk Username: Churchillvv
Bitcointalk Profile UID: 3490938
Bitcointalk Rank: Full member
Altcoinstalk Profile Link:;area=summary;u=98594

This is a good move, because we share our profits from crypto partly to meet real needs and perhaps buy assets in the real world. And some of the profits are also used to increase our crypto assets, I have also done that since 2017.
I've encountered many people who invest just for the sake of investing :)

They never want to cash out because of regret and the belief that those profits could generate even more, forgetting that the larger the capital, the more difficult it is to manage and the more negatively it affects the investor's psychology.

I always encourage people to use a portion of their profits for themselves and their families to maintain a positive attitude on their investment journey. When family sees the value of cryptocurrency investing, we will gain their support. After all, we are only interested in profits, not the decentralization of crypto!
Airdrops & Giveaways [FREE] / XLords Airdrop - Weekly
« Last post by BountyTeleport on Today at 01:01:18 AM »
This is a teleported Airdrop, It has been teleported with the approval of the original airdrop promoter: BountyDetective

All questions should be addressed to the original airdrop promoter, thus leave your reply to this post, or contact via the support provided by the airdrop promoter.
Teleported Airdrops are not an endorsement by this forum.

🕵️‍♂️  XLords Airdrop

🙂 Total Airdrop Pool: $500,000 worth of XLORD weekly

🟠  Start the XLords Airdrop Bot (

✅ Register an account on the bot.
✅ Complete daily tasks and earn points.
✅ Submit your details to the bot.

🟠  Each Friday, $500,000 worth of XLORD will be distributed to the top winners, as stated in the project's announcement.

🟠  The rewards will be available to use in the game.
Referral Links / Re: Crypto Web Picks #1 is out
« Last post by tsakf on Today at 12:59:56 AM »
Forum related / Re: -Remove Account-
« Last post by admin on Today at 12:56:03 AM »
It seems that there are no restrictions on signatures, I have to admit quite favourable penalties for clearing a reputation.
I don't know why I thought that he was paying those fees and burning tokens for admin to delete his accounts, not his reputation  ???

the same will apply to this account if you delete it, i can not just remove 3000+ posts and topic, creating a mess in discussions on the forum, i can delete your accounts but the posts will stay.
I like this. :)
Poor guy was thinking that for 5$ he could delete all his post history, but family and friends is not going to be happy  :'(
Soap opera continues, unless he pays another 5$ and manually delete all 3000 posts one by one... with help of his family.

he burned the tokens as a penalty,
he then clicked on delete account
i clicked on approve > thus 2 of his accounts got deleted
but when an account gets deleted, that does not delete all the post history, for obvious reasons
here we are talking about 10 000+ posts and threads created by these 3 accounts, a big mess if the posts get deleted with the account
Philippines (Tagalog) / Re: Mempool Observer Topic
« Last post by Baofeng on Today at 12:53:43 AM »
Salamat dito kabayan at least may monitoring na tayo dito kung magkano transaction fees pag nag-send ng bitcoin. Sa ngayon medyo hindi na gaano kamahal.

Pero hindi ko na medyo to naramdaman tong mga transaction fees kasi yong sweldo ko sa sig campaign ay sa exchange address ko na pinalagay hehe.

Heto rin ung mga nakikita ko siguro na nag papa change ng bitcoin addresses sa campaign, direcho na sa exchange nila at wala nang fee, hehehe.

Pero dun sa mga nagkipkip ng mga bitcoin nila sa wallet na gusto nila na sila ang may control, at kung kailangan nila i withdraw, imporante talagang suriin ang current tx fees bago mag withdraw at bago maipit sa mempool dahil mababa ang tx fees na ginawa nila.

Ngayon nas 40 sats/vB ang pinakamataas, around $3.5.
The relevance of these tokens for me is logical, everyone wants to have AI as their main source of information and to be fashionable, but at the moment when AI begins to be seen as something normal, in reality things are also going In another direction, we will realize that the investment in these AI tokens will decrease, because all the time there is a lot of emotion because of the new thing, is that you talk about AI to someone and at once they say that it is the future, and that is what they say. They see the world like this, only they have not understood that this AI is not really Intelligence, it is just giving automated responses and the robot does not think, it does not establish something logical like a thought, having weighed and determined what is best for me It is intelligence, that is why the human being until now will have an advantage over AI, for that reason many people now buy tokens of these, because it seems to them that it is the newest and coolest technology there is.
I may be wrong, but the growth prospects for AI-related coins directly depend on the bullish mood in the market.If you think deeply about the connection between the research and development of AI and some tokens in which the phrase AI is mentioned. Without “AI tokens,” this area would have developed safely without them. Therefore, this is the usual hype to earn as much money as possible while it’s hot.

Well, the truth is that Almost everyone likes it when they talk about AI , Apparently it is one of the things that most attracts people's Attention, and when they talk About Crypto projects that have to do with AI, they find it Phenomenal because they Know that It's the Boom and I think that's what it's all About, Sometimes there is something that gives money for a Certain Period of time, and then the I nterest focuses on other things , that's how it Works most of the time with crypto Projects and things. , then given these things , one thinks that Everything is Almost for Fashion, for emotions and that is what most of all people focus on.
Forum related / Re: No option to self moderate threads here?
« Last post by KingsDen on Today at 12:45:23 AM »
If you think about it deeply, you will understand that self moderation does not silent critics as admin suggested. Rather it reduces spam. If anyone's post is deleted by a self moderator and he feels that he is being silenced, he can simply go create a new thread for that respect. So, if you don't want to be moderated by anyone apart from admin, you should avoid posting in self moderated threads.
Basic Questions about Cryptos / Re: Is this the bottom?
« Last post by Baofeng on Today at 12:43:18 AM »
People do these things because they are beginners in the crypto market. Some veteran members also make these mistakes. Just because we don't know the future, we make these mistakes.
This may be a normal situation. However, looking back, there may still be a difference between beginners and those who are old in the crypto space. For beginners, because of their ignorance or because of their panic, it is easy for them to make very hasty decisions when the Bitcoin market crashed quite drastically at this time. Yes, panic sells happen very often, especially among beginners who are increasingly worried that Bitcoin prices will continue to fall and won't be able to rise again.

As for veterans, perhaps they will never be free from mistakes like this. However, they should usually be wiser and more careful in making decisions to cut off or remain holding. Because usually, shareholders have certain targets to achieve.

I agree, the more we involved ourselves in the market, the more we become aware of what is right or wrong. So for us, we don't panic, we validate first what is going out in the market before we make that decision to sell or not.

So not going to be easy even for those experience but at least with our experience, most likely we are not going to panic sell and let everything subside and settle down and it could be a win win if everything turns out that the dip is just the normal volatility that we are seeing in the market.
If someone have some spare to spend their daily needs and wants probably, they can hold even more than a year for any amount. Because if someone just get their investments from their salary where they usually get it later to buy things, 6 months is long enough to hold lmao. Well these are the average earners. But those who have more ways of earning, can probably hold for longer time then keep on stacking.
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