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For Beginners / Re: Which crypto exchange took low fees?
« Last post by Digital_Lord on Today at 07:50:55 PM »
I recommend binance and Koucoin both are best exchanges and also have low fees which is most important thing and also give many best feature and full safest so everyone like this features
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Callisto Enterprise Announcement

We are delighted to welcome Erik Netto to the Callisto Family!

Erik is the creator of Power-C.AR NFT, and joins us as a Smart Contract Developer.

Looking forward to announcing more hires very soon.


Altcoins & Cryptocurrencies discussions / Re: Bounty or Airdrop?
« Last post by Freemind on Today at 07:30:46 PM »
The best option bounty hunters currently have is to participate in bounties, there is no guarantee that they will be paid in most cases, but with scams in 99% of airdrops in existence, they are not only wasting their time, but with too often they lose their funds by connecting the wallets to different sites, and that is something that does not usually happen in "traditional" bounties. Personally I would reject anything that made me have to connect my wallets, it is better not to trust.
For Beginners / Re: Trading or holding
« Last post by Digital_Lord on Today at 07:23:41 PM »
Both options are best but I mostly prefer holding I know holding is difficult because in this  if we holding any coin we can face many dump but in long term we can get great return rather then short term
Now according to market situation I would suggest long term trading is best way we can get a great return So better to invest in some best project and hold it we can get a great return
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