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Im building a small exchange like where users can exchange crypto fast and with no KYC.

When a user send crypto to the deposit adress, they have to get notification that the crypto they have sent is confirmed on teh network.

I will have like 50 different coins in total.
Probobly the most popular ones.

Total users per day will be very low at the beginning, probobly like 1-10 users a day.

Anyone knows any good way of doing this?
Also good if its a free API.
I have seen stuf that goes for like 150 usd but im not paying that.
can a privacy wallet like exodus get taken down?
Even if that happend, you would still be able to acess your coin beccause of your private key.
« Last post by David GC on Today at 10:48:51 PM »
Lincolnbrothers io airdrop will be launched in March and is available soon.

Dont miss out this chance to be a part of this project.

Twitter: @lincolnbteam
Telegram: @LincolnBrothersTeam
Машинне навчання. Біометрія. Рішення для розумного міста.
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Машинное обучение. Биометрия. Решения для умного города.
Полностью децентрализованные игры Web3.
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For Beginners / Re: What is a testnet?
« Last post by OpenCEX on Today at 07:50:06 PM »
Deploying smart contracts on the mainnet is a more expensive operation than deploying tests on the testnet. This is because developers have to pay gas fees before they can deploy their smart contracts on the mainnet, and these gas fees cost some ETHs.
You wouldn’t want to spend real coins when you’re just testing your smart contracts. That’s where testnets come in. Testnets provide free cryptocurrency you can use to pay for gas fees. Since this free cryptocurrency has no value, it can’t be used in the mainnet.
Real criminals try to use only anonymous cryptocurrencies. For example: DASH, XMR, ZEC, XVG, etc.
🚀Utopia P2P Review Campaign Round 1🚀

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🟤Write a review about Utopia P2P messenger
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*Note: Only registered users can participate.

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Advertise Your Stuff / Re: FXOpen –
« Last post by FXOpen Trader on Today at 06:05:34 PM »
FXOpen TickTrader: One/Double Click Trading Mode

TickTrader trading platform represents an ultimate all-in-one solution for the most demanding of traders. Experience high level customisation, true depth of market and quality liquidity, ensuring flawless trade execution. Each tool included in the platform is designed and honed by a developer who understands market requirements in terms of customer demand, performance, and security.

As a trading platform, TickTrader pursues one goal: helping users to become profitable. It is easy to adopt and use, but besides being user-friendly, TickTrader boasts comprehensive functionality that ensures it meets the multitude of requirements from every type of trader, from beginner to institutional.

TickTrader Key Features

  • TickTrader Terminals: Desktop Terminal, Mobile Terminal, Web Terminal
  • Highly customizable user-friendly interface
  • Advanced technical analysis tools
  • One/double click trading mode
  • Level 2 pricing
  • Trading alert system
  • Detailed charting system
  • Strategy back tester
  • Order Strategies (Advanced orders)
  • 1200+ Trading Tools

New versions available for TickTrader Android, iOS, Web and Desktop Platforms

FXOpen TickTrader

#fxopen #ticktrader #ticktraderweb #ticktradermobile #ticktraderdesktop #ticktraderios #ticktraderandroid #ultrafasttrading

Disclaimer: This Publication represents FXOpen Companies News only, it should not be construed as an offer, invitation or recommendation in respect to FXOpen Companies products and services or as Financial Advice.
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