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Author Topic: AirDrop by Last Chance  (Read 154 times)


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AirDrop by Last Chance
« on: March 13, 2023, 04:06:52 PM »
🔥We are a Prime Games studio founded in 2018.

We made the game "Last Chance" on the blockchain!
The zero season of the isometric shooter "Last Chance" has been released.
Last Chance is an isometric shooter with roguelike elements,
which will give you the opportunity to plunge into the fighting with unusual enemies.
📌This is a game built on the Polygon blockchain! The blockchain is responsible for the NFT of the characters, the in-game token, the availability of ammunition and perks for the players.
The game is ready, Alpha Test will start soon.
First, we will launch the game, and then we will start selling NFTs and tokens for the game.

Now we are actively launching an airdrop for subscriptions, likes and retweets through crew3.

The game is already in alpha testing. Accordingly, there is a high probability that the game will successfully enter the market.
🎯Plot: The game takes place in an alternate reality of the late 19th century. The player needs to go through all the levels to get to the Train and leave the city. Zombies, traps, enemy patrols, obtaining NFT cards and the ability to sell NFT data, the presence of an internal game token is the hallmark of this game.
All participants of the airdrop from Prime Games Studio Crew3 can receive from 4500 PGT coins and many other various rewards. The most active referral links will be rewarded with additional bonus links. Invite your friends, be active and get your rewards. Good luck and success in the fight for the top.

⚡️Complete tasks and get tokens to your wallet
💥We have reached the final stage of readiness.

Soon we will open access to alpha testing for players. All Alpha Test participants will receive unique rewards. More information on the discord channels.
Find out more about him on our telegram:
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AirDrop by Last Chance
« on: March 13, 2023, 04:06:52 PM »


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