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Author Topic: House Of Bitcoin! TOP Bitcoin project, earnings without investments.  (Read 111 times)


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Friends! I present to your attention a relatively new, excellent project for earning BITCOIN cryptocurrency without investment!
A chic project made under the theme of the series "Game of Thrones"

The project has created all the conditions for independent good earnings. We go and earn without investments and without restrictions.


After registration, we find ourselves in our personal account, which contains detailed statistics for each player.
Pay attention to the question mark, it is present in each section

These are tips, a description of the section, how the section works, what needs to be done, and so on ...
After clicking, the following prompt will appear


BTC FAUCET - Everyone knows what a faucet is and how to make money on a faucet, we go into this section every hour, press the "SPIN" button and get a guaranteed prize from 7 to 700,000 satoshi.
BTC MINER - This section is intended for purely passive income. We press the “start” button, a new tab opens with advertising banners and there you will see a progress bar. We do not close the page, while the page is active, you earn 5 satoshi per hour. We just leave the page open and go about our business.
BONUS SECTION - We go every three hours to bonuses, click on the banner, watch ads for 30 seconds and get 20 Satoshi every time. And for those who want to advertise their sites, they can replenish the advertising balance and order the display of their banner.
OFFERS - An excellent section for making money. We watch different advertisements, complete tasks for this we get HOB currency. Your balance in this currency is indicated there, we accumulate 0.5 HOB and with one click on the exchange button, we change it to bitcoins. The exchange rate is listed there.
PTC VIEWS - In fact, this is the familiar surfing of sites, we watch sites and earn. Everything is easy and simple. Who wants to advertise their sites can replenish the advertising balance and advertise their sites in surfing.
SHORT LINKS - In fact, these are some kind of tasks that can be completed in a few seconds. We go to the site there with a couple of clicks, a couple of captchas and for each such link we pass, we get 5 Satoshi. There are a lot of short links every day.
QUESTS - This is the section where your activity will bring you additional income. We fulfill the conditions of the quest and get bonuses. There are many quests and worthy prizes.
MINI GAMES - In this section, you just need to play different games. For every minute of the game we are paid 0.2 Satoshi, that is, for an hour of play you can earn 12 Satoshi, nothing to do? just play and earn. There are a lot of games so it will be very interesting and useful to spend time there. For one when we play, do not forget to start mining!
PARTNER PROGRAM - an excellent multi referral program, who knows how to invite referrals can raise money very cool. But for earnings, referrals are not required if you do not know how or do not want to invite, this does not affect the withdrawal of earnings and the earning process itself. Referrals are just additional income.
WITHDRAWAL OF EARNINGS - available on any bitcoin wallet, the minimum is 30000 satoshi, specify your wallet number in the settings and that’s it, and you will be sent the payment of earnings exactly there, no matter where your number is located, in Binance, in Bitpay, or somewhere else.

The project is amazing, it's nice to be there. The administration is in constant contact, there are three forms of communication, you can write in telegrams, by mail and by internal mail.

I receive payments stably, since I have created not a bad partner structure, and I myself am active. My recent FaucetPay payout

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