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Author Topic: Required steps before submitting a new Bounty & Airdrop to this section  (Read 1779 times)


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If you want as a bounty manager to take advantage of this section, please make sure to fulfill these requirements.

0- Know that users replying to posts in this section, have gone through KYC, thus are unique and are not boots.

1- Determine if your bounty/ airdrop require KYC or not, if it does not require KYC on other forums then it will not be allowed on this section. Alternatively, you can request your users on other forums to submit their details on your bounty/airdrop in this section, this way you make sure the user is unique and is not a bot.

2- Doing KYC is not an easy task and require a lot of time, thus if you want to use this section you are required to donate tokens or ethereum, or at least be a donor or immortal.
For donating eth or tokens:  0xc9CbFe089EBC2E27236F53D8cD2Afd3d337385fc

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