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For example, I invest in HIGH RISK defi products that bring me a return of 1.5% - 2.5% daily. Of course, I only invest small sums and only what I don't really need.

I mean, 2.5% per day with monthly compounding turns even $100 into a fortune of about $80,000 in one year!!
Incredible, isn't it?

I invest in several such projects, if only one stays alive by 2023 I will have doubled my investment.
Anyone interested can send me a DM.
Don't forget, HIGH RISK, but also High profit!!
It's great and you're right that you need to invest in something that will not affect your financial condition at all in case of loss...but it is important to understand that this is comparable to trading futures with leverage, only in the case of futures you either lose or earn a lot at once, in the case of staking it is stretched for a year or more in case of an unfavorable can multiply your fortune several times in the first year and then lose everything in an instant.

Sure, it's comparable, but my actual work on this is maybe 1x per day, spending 5 minutes at most compounding the rewards. Depending on how long I've been doing this and what my strategy is, I can also take the rewards as passive income. And that's exactly the goal of the whole thing, to earn passive income.

Everyone is responsible for themselves what they do with all the money, I will continue to invest in the individual altcoins so that I am prepared for the next bull run by the end of 2024

For example, I invest in HIGH RISK defi products that bring me a return of 1.5% - 2.5% daily. Of course, I only invest small sums and only what I don't really need.

I mean, 2.5% per day with monthly compounding turns even $100 into a fortune of about $80,000 in one year!!
Incredible, isn't it?

I invest in several such projects, if only one stays alive by 2023 I will have doubled my investment.
Anyone interested can send me a DM.
Don't forget, HIGH RISK, but also High profit!!


Hello OGs, to be able to access the app, we will be sending a unique code to each OG via email

Kindly use this link and fill out your email address as mandatory so we can share your unique code across

Any OG who doesn't fill the form as required will not gain access to the App after the stipulated timeframe

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Strictly for @OG

Crypto gaming (GameFi) / MOVED: Amulet protocol
« on: September 08, 2022, 09:26:39 AM »

Crypto gaming (GameFi) / MOVED: Amulet Protocol
« on: September 08, 2022, 09:26:15 AM »


Please don't listen to the replies of your posts they are all scamming site out for blood and appealing to people's greed and innocence. As one who is already experienced - in my own assessment only - in many scams and frauds asking people in an open forum can be a big formula for disaster especially that scammers and spammers are also lurking around here. Always be careful as most of the things you see online can just be another scheme to empty people's pockets. By the way, it seems that you and the three members who replied with your post can be somehow connected...hmmm hoping am wrong.

Of course they are connected, all the postings here is just a farce and has only one goal. Send it to trash!

This is without a doubt the first rule in the crypto business.
On the other hand, you can only lose 100%, but you can also win 100,000%.

Bitcoin Forum / Re: Now...are we crashing to the ground?
« on: September 08, 2022, 09:10:22 AM »
Bitcoin is dead! Long live Bitcoin! 140 times :D
The same stories keep popping up, especially in a bear market.
Hopefully some learn something about it.

How WheelCoin incentivizes Green Mobility-My own Journey

In the last few days we started sharing the news that Iomob is launching a new product — WheelCoin. The post from the MaaS Alliance that came out today, August 12th has already resulted in several mobility stakeholders reaching out to learn more how their organizations can participate and to better understand how WheelCoin can stimulate greener choices.

I thought I would share some early insights from my own use of an internal demo version of WheelCoin. I do not drive a car. I have not had a driver’s license since I moved to Barcelona in 2015. So in my case, choosing a car over multimodal journeys is not much of an option anyway:) However there are interesting insights from my own experiences.

I live in a beautiful town outside of Barcelona called Sant Cugat, meanwhile Iomob’s offices are in the heart of Barcelona near Plaza Catalunya.

My normal daily commute involves taking my mountain bike from my house to the Sant Cugat FGCC train station. The train runs every 3–5 minutes so I rarely have to plan my arrival with precision. The train is a nice, comfortable journey of about 25 minutes to Plaza Catalunya and from there, a short walk to our offices in the WeWork building.

As you can see from the results of an actual one-way multimodal journey, it takes roughly 50 minutes door to door. The WheelCoin app, leveraging the smartphone sensors, GPS and accelerometers is able to detect each leg of my journey and which mode I chose. It calculates the distance travelled in each mode and then tells me how many KGs of CO2 emissions I avoided by not using a normal car for the whole journey. On this day, between my roundtrip to and from the office and walking to lunch, etc. I saved about 4kg of CO2 and earned 4 “Wheelies” (our snarky word for points). We are in beta so we are not launching the official WheelCoin token until we learn from our 5,000 OG users when the app launches September 15th.

In future posts I can go deeper into the token economics of WheelCoin and the role of our NFT program and the overal Move2Earn (M2E) mechanics envisioned for the public app launch post beta.

But the enthusiastic reaction to the MaaS Alliance post and the subsequent dialog it has started regarding how this could be a powerful tool to onboard more people to MaaS and green mobility encouraged me to share a new personal insight I had today that I think anecdotally shows the power of this subtle incentive that could be a nudge away from car dependence and towards sustainable multimodal mobility.

As mentioned I do not drive. But many people who live in Sant Cugat do drive to the Barcelona city center on a regular basis. What is the cost for doing this? Well, for one, we have a peaje (toll) that is usually around 4 euros each way between Sant Cugat and Barcelona. There is 8 euros a day. An average car travels roughly 12km with one liter of gas, so roughly 2 liters of gas roundtrip. As of today that is about 3 euros 50 cents. Parking rates near Plaza Catalunya are at least 15 euros/day. Not factoring in other cost of ownership indicators, this means the same roundtrip journey would cost around 30 euros per day.


My journey that includes a commuter bike I have owned since 2012, walking (with whatever shoes I have on my feet) and a roundtrip train ticket which costs me about 1 euro 20 cents each way means that I spend about 3 euros per day commuting sustainably, without dealing with traffic, listening comfortable to my favorite crypto podcasts and catching up on emails on the train.

One would think there is enough embedded economic incentives in this journey to encourage even more people to leave their car keys at home. But we are creatures of habit. So nudging can help. WheelCoin tracks my movements and allows me to be proud of the emissions I am saving. But it also rewards me for it with Wheelies which will be converted to tokens which will have a range of ways to accrue value for me personally as a user and for the green mobility ecosystem (and our cities).

This morning, I had a really interesting experience. By random coincidence, my wife, who works from home and does drive, was leaving the house at the exact same time I was to run an errand and offered to drop me off at the train station.

I thought about it for an instant and politely declined realizing I would gain fewer points today and feel guilty about not taking my bike, which is also good exercise for me. I know this is a small anecdote and may not apply to everyone but I hope it provides a little more color on the possibility of gamifying and nudging people to make more sustainable mobility decisions on a regular basis.

Stay tuned for more information about the app launch, game mechanics and more. And if you are inspired, come visit us in Discord and join the OG WheelCoin group which comes with awesome benefits like a free non transferible NFT like this one!


Become one of the first 5k OG members and receive a free non-transferable NFT and access to the beta version in September!

Join Discord

Join the AMA in the Discord on August 18th, 2022
at 18:00 CET

Introducing WheelCoin: The 1st Move2Earn app for Mobility

While the Play2Earn and Move2Earn movement has had some early successes and some collapses as well, the crypto community continues to be bullish about the possibility to leverage token economic incentives to enable users to earn while playing or moving.

STEP’N (120mn profit in Q2 of 2022) and SweatCoin (75 million downloads) have paved the way for Move2Earn. While both of those (and other followers) focus on token incentivising walking, no one, until today has sought to apply Move2Earn to encourage sustainable mobility choices.

Yet transportation is both a substantial portion of most families’ budgets, reaching 2nd or 3rd highest category of household spending around the globe and a major source of carbon emissions, and unfortunately one of the only sectors struggling to decrease emissions over 1990 levels.

Thankfully, a substantial percentage of younger generations (and some of us older ones too), are shifting our preferences away from car ownership and car dependence and towards more sustainable options like transit, trains, bikes and scooters, walking and (EV) carsharing when a car is “needed”.

The Internet of Mobility network has been working to unite the global mobility ecosystem into a trustless and permissionless ecosystem whereby fleet operators can compete and collaborate to offer sustaianble multimodal solutions to the growing global population. Until now, the IoM network has been exclusively focused on making this network available to large demand partners like rail operators (e.g. Brightline Trains in the US, London North Eastern Railway in the UK) airlines (e.g. Vueling Airlines) and others to be announced shortly.

Introducing WheelCoin

Today we are announcing WheelCoin, designed to make it easier and more cost effective for people around the globe to choose sustainable mobility. Why WheelCoin? The majority of mobility vehicles in the world (e.g. scooters, skateboards, buses, bikes, many trains, cars) have wheels. Furthermore, the wheel is regularly cited as one of the most important inventions in the history of humanity (of course the Internet and blockchain are up there too).

The WheelCoin app will be launched as a private beta on September 15th for the first 5,000 OG subscribers. During the beta period, we will be working to calibrate the incentives in a way that will permit a sustainable level of token emissions when the WheelCoin utility token is introduced a few months later. OG subscribers will have several benefits however including: receiving a non-transferable NFT which allows them to begin earning immediately (points first which will be converted to tokens at public launch of the WheelCoin token). Future airdop benefits for OG members are expected as well. If you are interested to join the OG program join us in Discord .

In this early edition of WheelCoin, the app will detect a user’s movements walking, on public transit, rail, and bike. It can also detect if a user is in a car or a plane but neither of those will receive rewards as the goal of WheelCoin is to incentivize a more rapid shift to sustainable mobility. Initially beta users will accrue points which will later be converted to WheelCoin tokens.

In future versions, the Internet of Mobility (IoM) network will be integrated into WheelCoin, allowing users to actually book and pay for green mobility services and receive further incentives (or discounts) on these services. Once the IoM network is integrated, additional modes of mobility will be included in the token incentive model including scooters booked in the app and green vehicles booked in the app (carsharing, car rental and taxis) among others.

Stay tuned for further updates including our token economics, future releases new partnerships and more.


Become one of the first 5k OG members and receive a free non-transferable NFT and access to the beta version in September!

Join Discord


Covid-19 has caused a drastic re-thinking of plenty of things in our lives. For many, this includes the practical necessity of commuting and even city travel. Similarly, blockchain technology has encouraged developers and creators to think further outside the box for the new era of the internet.

One such rethink and innovation is the concept of Mobility as a Service, with WheelCoin hoping to serve as a use-case for crypto to encourage greener travel.

In a blog post by Iomob CEO – Boyd Cohen – he cites the key potential of this project, bridging the interesting gap between transportation and blockchain.

“This is where WheelCoin comes in. Iomob was founded in 2018 with the vision to build a decentralized internet of mobility network (IoM) by seamlessly connecting public, private and shared mobility services with transport and travel operators seeking to make seamless multimodal mobility a reality for their users or employees.”

To accomplish this, the company will launch an application where users can find, book and pay for an alternative, green mobility services while getting token rewards for their choices. While details are unclear, Cohen added that NFTs designed to reflect modes of travel (scooters, bikes and trains) have already been designed, with more to come.
Kicking out the car – WheelCoin and Mobility as a Service

Similar (somewhat) to Move-to-Earn’s mission to boost physical activity, Mobility-as-a-Service aims to get users to consider alternative modes of transport. Given the typical thought that gets conjured up of the daily commute. With thousands of people stuck in car-based gridlock, MaaS is an alternative worth considering.

MaaS sees itself as a way to kick-start a new means of transportation and travel. Where users take a more multimodal approach seamlessly and sustainably.

Of course, as Cohen admits, some of the harder obstacles to overcome would be the joint matters of convenience and human habit.

“As it turns out, humans are creatures of habit. To get people to change from car dependence-potentially even moreso post-Covid-to more sustainable multimodal mobility in our cities and regions, incentives may be critical.”

To ensure that WheelCoin has the means to overcome these challenges, the first version of the platform will be launched on September 15th to the first 5,000 subscribers. While using the app, users will earn points for their travel choices, with the modes that cause the least emissions being rewarded the most. In this phase, users do not have to book and pay for services inside the app to be rewarded with Wheelies points (which will later convert to WheelCoin tokens).

Become one of the first 5k OG members and receive a free non-transferable NFT and access to the beta version in September!
Join Discord

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