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I have installed the latest version and it is mind blowing . I can see my favourite uMusic channel on Utopia which is an awesome thing .

don't wait! redeem it ASAP!!!

Some eagle eye already made a claim it seems . If you send it as a puzzle, it would stay there for bit longer .

Utopia is a great P2P ecosystem and now you can easily stream some Music through channels . Be ready for the same . Here is the channel for the same .

Yeah, these url(s) above can be accessed through Idyll Browser and when you see "utopia://" then you must understand that this is Utopia protocol .

Utopia is also having a uFun gaming event right now . I hope for a great game. The event will end up on 5th of December .

Everyone can participate in the uFun gaming event and it generally runs for three to four days . Three participants are a must for reward distribution .

This is going to be a great event right now . Make sure you guys participate . I am going to participate too .

Utopia ecosystem is a great network of P2P decentralized applications and it is great to have a channel about it right here : Utopia_Ecosystem_Videos

Well , this is a cool campaign ! It is worth participating and in this market , I call everyone to take part in the Utopia's latest campaign to earn rewards by participating in it .

I can see that the uVoucher above has already been used and I think that there are many people currently keeping an eye on uVouchers from Utopia .

As far as I know, there is no upper bound on the Maximum CRP supply from Utopia project . I wonder how popular will Utopia be later on .

uFun is having an event in which anyone can post score of the game mentioned in event and you win some CRP straight . Also 500 CRP is up for grabs right now in uTalk .

Every day add crp to our wallet. Expect a huge pump will happen this year. LFG!

This method can be applied to add more CRP to wallet . Gradually it becomes a huge collection .

I was wondering if it is possible to make a prediction right before the results look more obvious to guarantee a win :) .

There is 500 CRP big reward on prediction of the winner of the FIFA world cup . You must create 5 posts on before you predict .

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