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Author Topic: Someone targets Coinspaid, aren’t afraid of backfire  (Read 540 times)


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Someone targets Coinspaid, aren’t afraid of backfire
« on: September 08, 2021, 09:33:30 PM »
Yo, gonna be as short as possible — som1 forcing fake info against Coinspaid for no good reason. Let me explain.

I don’t like investing through Binance, Poloniex etc. But by doing so I need to keep my stuff somewhere and don’t turn into a walking passphrase warehouse. So I’ve been using a Coinspaid wallet for a while, mostly to stay away from wallets and have all my stuff under a single roof. Don’t get me wrong, I checked other alternatives, but being the lazy douche I am, I didn't want to micromanage multiple wallets and ok with the KYC ver.

Used it without much attention to the media about the whole thing. It did its job and that was it for me. Fast forward 6 month I started to pick up interesting stuff about Coinspaid on Youtube. So, you see, I’m not an avid Youtube user, most of my time is better spent elsewhere. But what drew my attention was that Coinspaid had at least dozens of videos from channels with the same or similar name. Like, they all look the same, have the same name, no emails around to send anything to, their channel is rather fresh — from 2 to 6 months, and most of all — all their activity dedicated to Coinspaid.

Imagine having youtube videos meet detective fanfiction — that's the kind of thing I found while crawling through videos. So I started noticing a pattern: all channels target Coinspaid specifically, they re-upload or copycat mostly identical video, they have 0 subscribers on them with no emails or whatsoever. I’ve been using Coinspaid for a while and never had any issues, so most of the video contents are bullshit. Like, in one of those they link Coinspaid with terrorists and then say, they work for the FBI or something like that. Full blown conspiracy.

Looks scammy tho, tried reporting them, but no results — videos are still up. They try to convince CoinsPaid to be involved with some crypto-casinos or whatever. I don’t buy it. Most of the videos are of the same level as child stories. You can go and check them out. The only thing that may cause suspicion is the «SCAM» word next to the company's name. Honestly, it’s the most brutal corporate PR attack I've seen so far. Not to mention that I’ve seen a few interviews with Max Krupyshev, Coinspaid's CEO. If the translation from russian is correct — he acts decently. Not much of a scammer — one would not try to have his face filmed on the interviews, plus the guy is always open to the public, despite looking like the type of a guy you're going to meet in the middle of a disco at night.

So. There is a bullshit wagon heading towards Coinspaid for some reason. Should we do something about it? Apparently there is no good reason for Coinspaid to get in such trouble in the first place. Yeah, they have a slightly annoying interface, but they do their job well.

Besides, no scam project would actually put their team members' names onto the website, show their faces, etc. Too much publicity for a project that someone bombard with fake videos daily. So, I know I'm a fresh account and so on and so forth, but you can check those videos by yourself and compare them with Max Krupyshev interviews. Those aren’t good ones.

Why would one hire someone to make those videos? I know this question might sound stupid, but bare with me. If there is a person, who legitimately hired another person to blackmail a company and company can’t do a thing about it. What would you do?

So, if you can find something about the people who are actually trying to put Coinspaid down — please, share it in the comments section. I’m deadly sure whoever it is they are trying to pull the «scam» card at a legit project.

Reposting for coverage.

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Someone targets Coinspaid, aren’t afraid of backfire
« on: September 08, 2021, 09:33:30 PM »


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