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Author Topic: Magnetics Social Recruitment Platform Presale & ICO  (Read 1112 times)


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Magnetics Social Recruitment Platform Presale & ICO
« on: September 26, 2018, 07:58:21 AM »

Your skills + experience = your ‘Employment Capital Score’

We’re making recruitment and job hunting a whole lot easier, and better. By ranking peoples’ scores against the Magnetics Employment Capital Index recruiters and employers can accurately measure the potential suitability of each candidate.



While on the face of it, the Magnetics platform is a decentralised blockchain hybrid, and are creating social recruitment platform– where skills and opportunities click, beneath that it’s a massive time saver. Saving time for those recruiting, saving time for those job hunting.

A recent study, commissioned by 8×8, provider of the world’s first Communications Cloud, surveyed 500 recruitment consultants in the UK, to uncover which working practices are wasting time and budgets within the industry. The results are somewhat shocking – revealing that the recruitment industry wastes more than 25% of the working week on inefficient practices. Recruiters say the biggest drain on resources is manually updating CRM systems, with consultants spending an average of four hours per week inputting information, because there’s no ability to integrate with phone systems. The research also reveals the flexible working revolution has been slow to reach the recruitment industry – 63% are worried about working away from the office in case they miss vital calls. Yet, if they could pick up calls to their office phone anywhere, from their mobile or laptop, an overwhelming majority (96%) would feel more comfortable working remotely.



Furthermore, while two fifths of recruiters are already using video conferencing to communicate with clients and candidates, recruiters still waste the equivalent of five hours every week visiting candidates who aren’t ‘up to scratch’. That’s why a further 40% would like to use video conferencing to screen candidates quickly, increasing productivity.

Technology is already improving consultant productivity in some areas. Six in ten already listen in to successful or unsuccessful calls to establish best practice and a third (34%) would like the ability to do so in future. In addition, almost half (49%) of the recruiters surveyed are already using messaging apps to communicate with clients and candidates and a further 36% would like to do so.

“While many recruiters are already using technology to increase productivity and improve the experience for both clients and candidates, a significant number have yet to take full advantage”, said Kevin Scott-Cowell, UK MD 8×8.

Adam Kilshaw, CEO and Co-Founder of Magnetics commented, “The recruitment industry is long overdue for disruption. It is currently a laborious process for employers, recruiters, and candidates alike. Leveraging Blockchain technology, Magnetics will radically improve and expedite the process for all involved. Saving time, saving energy, and ultimately saving money”.

“That’s why the Magnetics platform is so important” says Magnetics founder Adam Kilshaw. “We know that millions of jobs are at risk of automation, but workers lack the support to re-enforce their value-add to industry. That’s why the Magnetics jobs platform not only provides quantified information regarding automation, but how workers can safeguard themselves against it. All within a social recruitment and HR platform.”

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Magnetics Social Recruitment Platform Presale & ICO
« on: September 26, 2018, 07:58:21 AM »


ETH & ERC20 Tokens Donations: 0x2143F7146F0AadC0F9d85ea98F23273Da0e002Ab
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