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Author Topic: Security Token Offerings (STOs): Hype or down of decentralised fundraising ?  (Read 3712 times)


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Bitcoin is no longer exclusively meant for exchanging cryptocurrencies or fiat money.  Bitcoin is now used, along with other cryptocurrencies to buy tokens. Security Token Offerings (STOs) are a nascent fundraising technique for selling regulated tokens to the public based on blockchain platforms. Unfortunately, the literature in this field is still blurry and few researchers were driven in STOs’ context. Therefore, we investigate STOs' success from investors’ perspectives to identify and categorize their profiles and investment behavior regarding STOs.
In fact, the nature of STOs brought many advantages to both issuers and investors. For the issuer, STOs are an opportunity to access the market easily and reach investors in addition to their low cost of establishment and immediate liquidity after the transaction of funds collected. Regarding investors, security tokens fall under securities law and provide an important amount of protection to investors. Further, the holder of a security token has the accessibility to certain rights like voting rights, dividends, access to information, and implication in governance.
Regarding the significance of the topic, the results of this survey will be communicated to interested participants at a further point. This survey will take a maximum of 5 minutes of your time.
Survey link:

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 Polymath. Topping the list is Polymath, founded in 2017 by Trevor Koverko and Chris Housser. The security token platform seeks to provide the means for companies to raise money through blockchain-based, legally compliant security token offerings (STOs).

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